Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Country is under Attack!

Our Country is under Attack!

Al Ritter

It’s hard to believe that just one year ago, people were voting for “hope,” and “change.” Change is exactly what they got but did the voters really want a dismantling of the American way of life? I say the American way of life because the Obama Administration is in the midst of destroying the very things that our forefathers, had intended to circumvent any one person, or party’s rule.

Allies: The Obama Administration has shown disrespect to our long time allies, England, France, Germany, Israel, and many others, while offering an olive branch to militant, rogue nations whose only desire is to wipe the U.S.A. off the face of the earth. His ability to barter items in foreign diplomacy is sadly lacking as he constantly seeks to micro-manage the foreign policy, and resign Hillary Clinton to a back seat roll.

Bankruptcy: This President is the first one to step in and take an active role of setting the requirements of Corporate Bankruptcy Proceedings. In a concerted effort he took the role of who gets what out of the Judicial Branch’s hands, and decided on his own, the final settlement in senior and junior investments, against all precedence.

Biased Media: Only one President in the past was so paranoid that he sought to silence selected media outlets. Watergate was the event, Richard Nixon was the President, and his loathing of the media was in fact his undoing. We now see almost a repeat of the past with Barack Obama. Obama and his Administration have declared one news station as showing “a point of view” rather than reporting the news. He leaves all the rest of the media on a pedestal, thereby pushing his own bias. The FCC is pushing to silence conservative radio.

Constitution: Our constitution does not give ANY part of the government the power to take over publicly traded corporations, and yet the Obama Administration took over banks, financial institutions, brokerages, and auto manufacturing. Nowhere in the Constitution does it give the right to force healthcare on the citizens. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say government has the right to subsidize programs of entitlement, or welfare.

Credibility: The Administration has lied to the American people constantly since coming into power, and yet vilified those who seek to expose the truth. Is it any wonder that your popularity has fallen? Habitual lying will turn off all voters, including the ones who voted for you in the first place. Voters close their collective ears to habitual liars, and as a result the credibility of the sacred office of the President of the United States will be in question

Czars: No President has ever named more czars than this Administration. Czars circumvent the very process intended by our Constitution to perform proper vetting by way of Senate confirmation hearings of cabinet members. Czars escape under the radar, and are making powerful decisions with no congressional oversight.

Declarations: The Administration has made two declarations; one was to close Gitmo, with no plan in site where to send the detainees. The second declaration was to close the Yucca Mountain storage facility of spent nuclear fuel, with no plan of what to do with the spent fuel. These declarations needed alternatives BEFORE closures were revealed.

Executive Pay: There is no provision in the Constitution that allows an unelected, non vetted, appointed “czar” the right to decide whose pay is too high, and the ability to adjust that pay against a legal binding contract.

Federal Bank: The Fed has gained too much power in our country. In one of the very few bi-partisan bills since the Obama Administration took over, Rep Ron Paul wanted total transparency for the government entity, and 308 of his fellow Congressmen agreed. Unfortunately the bill had its teeth ripped out by a Democrat who had accepted campaign funds from the banking industry. One doesn’t have to have much of an imagination to see that is a conflict of interest.

Foreign Policy: The Obama Administration has taken it upon themselves to “apologize” for the past policies of our country, claiming we are “arrogant.” His experience in foreign policy is na├»ve at best and treasonous at worst. The Europeans on a whole are either the ones we defeated in WWII or the ones we saved, why must we apologize for that?

Indecision on troop deployment: The Obama Administration has stalled a request from a commander that HE picked for his judgment, to increase troops in Afghanistan. The sad part is that the troops on the ground in that country are more in danger because of his indecision. He has had the ability to make a choice of whether to stay or go in Afghanistan’s internal rebel war.

Issues popular to the people: The Administration constantly uses “slight of hand” to shift the passage of unpopular bills. While the public watches a battle on healthcare, the Congress is trying to pass another bill under darkness of night. None of the “crisis” situations that the Obama Administration wants to pass is in the forefront of what the public wants. The most pressing issue now is jobs and the economy, neither of which have been improved by Congresses massive Stimulus Spending. In fact joblessness continues to climb while the Administration is trying to spin this as a “jobless recovery.” This is the most ridiculous statement they have made next to the term “saved jobs,” which is yet another claim they can’t prove.

Lawyer stacking: This Administration has more lawyers than any other President in history, and as a result views the world as either a litigant or a plaintiff. As a result they view our business world as the deep pockets that the poor may dip their hands into.

Manufacturing: America has the second highest taxes for corporations in the world. That added to the forced union power has forced manufacturing jobs abroad. We are on track to become the world’s largest reboxer of foreign made goods. We are being pushed farther down the road of losing our edge in the world of production.

Money: Printing presses have been working overtime since the Obama Inauguration, printing money at unprecedented rates. Even though the Nixon Administration eliminated the demand that we always have a Federal Reserve of gold to back the printing of money, the present Administration has run more rampant than any past Administration. Too much cash doesn’t mean we have more money, it means the money we have is worth less, and is the printing of more is always the forerunner of inflation.

Ponzi scheme: Bernie Madoff recently went to prison for promising people a wonderful result on their investment while ignoring the need to pay investors further down the road. Our Government is involved in their own Ponzi scheme, spending money at an unprecedented rate, promising wonderful results, while ignoring the fact those future generations will have to pay back the principle long after the legislators are dead and gone. Madoff got money, Obama gets political clout, what is the difference other than the Administration isn’t in jail?

Print Media: This may be the next recipient of a Federal Bailout, of course depending on what sort of slant the particular newspaper has. It is clear the liberals want to have a voice in newsprint even if the public doesn’t want to buy it. Clearly it would be yet another subsidized program the government refuses to fund properly, constantly needing a cash infusion, much the way Amtrak has been.

Racial divide: Obama ran his campaign on the idea of unity between races. His actions to date have shown exactly the opposite action. He uses the racial divide to further HIS personal cause, and not for the benefit of the overall citizens.

Truth in Advertising: The Administration has constantly vilified the very people he wishes to side with them. You can say that a doctor would remove a leg strictly for the money he would receive, and then expect them to stand with you to defend your healthcare initiatives. You can’t tell Wall Street they have to take pay cuts and then welcome you with open arms. You can’t tell Americans that they will get better healthcare at a lesser price by joining with you to enforce a healthcare reform that forces them into your HMO, when they used to have a good PPO. You can’t tell people that they will still make decisions on healthcare with their doctors when you want to install a “firewall” of bureaucrats that will make decisions on what care will be granted.

Unions: No President in the past has given more power to unions. Obama has publicly stated that he is “beholding” to the unions because they contributed to his campaign. Unions have forced manufacturing jobs abroad, by way of increased benefits to their own members. The card check system the Administration wants passed, demands that union votes be done in public, endorsing union harassment of the very employees that are forced to pay for their strong arm tactics.

United Nations: This Administration has seen fit to give taxpayers hard earned money to the U.N. commonly known as the most corrupt world-wide agency. Our membership monetary involvement was being withheld from the U.N. to force investigations into corruption, and yet the Obama Administration handed over all past money owed to the U.N. with no conditions. The Administration has voiced the need for “world governance,” which will basically eliminate our Constitution, and present government, under the guise of “treaties.”

Unemployment: Unemployment continues to rise even after the Stimulus Package is doled out. The Administration continues to claim they are saving jobs although there is no proof of that in numbers that we can see. The Administration claimed that they would create all these jobs and yet the numbers look dismal. The new spin is that we might get a “jobless recovery,” although that has never happened in the past, they are certainly claiming it. Just announced today 10.2% unemployment, nice job Mr. President!

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