Monday, July 19, 2010

Socialism in America

Socialism in America
William G Burmer

Part 1

It is inevitable when talking of or writing about collectivism, most people will lump such revelations into a form of conspiracy, and errantly or deliberately dismiss the issue entirely. This is especially true in America, where too many of us view our nation thru “rose colored glass s’; like two newlyweds we cannot see those dangers that loom all about us which, in truth will eventually shred our idealisms. We would like to believe all is well about us; however, this is in truth, not the situation.

First ask the question, what is a conspiracy, and why is it so hard to see those changes that have taken place in America for the last several years which indeed are radical, or the very antithesis of the Republic our Constitution prescribes? Could it be that in order to accept a conspiracy to enslave us, we would first have to accept the Christian appellation that there are opposites; right and wrong, that there is in very deed, good and evil in the world?

A conspiracy is a deliberate plot to do evil. We know that there was a conspiracy to crucify Christ, see Mark 14: 1. We also know that the Devil is the father of all lies and that he masquerades himself as an angel of light, see 2nd Corinthians 11: 14-15. Is it evil to manipulate America from deifying God to deifying man? Is it evil to socialize aid and institutionalize communist principles in our government, and society in general?

Does it take more than one evildoer to plot a conspiracy, to attack and carry out that conspiracy to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993, and fly two civilian jumbo jets into the same buildings in “9/11.”? You bet it does! Does it take more than one person to conspire to fill our schools and the minds of our children with amoral sex education, to design programs, print schoolbooks and compel teachers to teach our children about homosexuality, “safe sex,” and “alternate lifestyles”? Is it evil to put aside the sacred institution of marriage, and destroy the family unit? If you agree then you must also agree there has been, and continues to be an ongoing conspiracy to institutionalize these things! If you don’t agree, I feel pity for you, for you have allowed yourself to be made a fool.

From the beginning of our nation’s history there are groups of individuals who have been active in manipulating evil, to purposely cause wars, wage war, and lose wars purposely, for political gains, to aid the enemy while our solders die on the battlefield, and bring our nation to the brink of communist control, and to create a “New World Order.” By destroying the family, true religion, and the best economic system that has ever existed, with all these barriers of resistance removed, America is ripe for tyranny. Thus one of the greatest nations in the world is made another slave to Socialism. Yes, I would call this a conspiracy.


turk182 said...

In as much as the founding of our country was a conspiracy, so is the DESTRUCTION. This is a carefully orchestrated effort to change the country from something special into yet another socialist EU country. Fight back in November!

barb p said...

Very moving...