Monday, January 9, 2012

California Politics

Califonnia Politics
William Grant Burmer

Looking over the initiatives for 2012 ballot in California there are five which will increase taxes for all Californians. Any California voters who would support any of them should have their head examined, better yet, removed as a useless appendage. Truth is Jerry Brown is hoping the voter (the one with the useless appendage) will pass them so that he can save face with the Union bosses who supported h is election. Californians can no longer fund the extravagant pensions and salaries state workers, including those who work for the counties and cities currently enjoy. These ballot measures are a glaring proof of that.

It does not matter that State, County, and City employees pay taxes; the biggest pinch will be felt upon the private employer and employee. Somehow it does not register with the majority of government employees that their job does not produce a dime in real revenue that will sustain their current standard of living; If not for private capitalism they would not have a job--------Period. It is my humble opinion that by the end of 2012 California is going to be the first state in the Union to drive home that reality as the ship will sink from the sheer weight of government.

One “watch dog” group has predicted that California will soon have the nations’ highest unemployment rate (currently 11.7%) and that in addition, California companies are continuing to leave the state, further increasing the unemployment figures, and driving down tax revenues to the state.

Logic, common sense, would dictate our governor and legislature should take a 180 degree turn towards a more responsible fiscal attitude; that is decrease taxes(eliminate most), further, eliminate burdensome regulations, and make government workers abide the same rules of living and acquire pensions that currently are a standard part of the private sector reality. That would take courage which for the better part of our current crop of public servants lacks the will or character to stand for. To Browns credit he has suggested this approach be taken for future employees of the state. We shall wait and see how that ship sails. Without some drastic, immediate reforms in current pension plans, and elimination of Union interests it will be the same old same old.

Less government, more capitalism is the answer to solve California’s problems.

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