Friday, January 27, 2012

The Massive Hypocrisy of the Obama Administration

The Massive Hypocrisy of the Obama Administration
Al Ritter

In the State of the Union Speech this week President Obama decided to parade a tax cheat and his secretary in the public eye to promote what he constantly refers to as wealthy Americans who are not paying their “fair share.” Obama brings Warren Buffet and his “secretary” to prove to the American people that his secretary pays more in tax than he does.

This is cannot be further from the truth. To begin with Warren Buffet and his “secretary” pay certain percentages on income taxes based on investments and wage income. By shear bulk dollars rather than percentage Buffet pays WAY more than his “secretary,” so lie #1.

Fact: Warren Buffet’s company Berkshire Hathaway owes over $1 Billion in back taxes and has for YEARS, and yet Buffet constantly crows about not paying enough in taxes? How about paying what you already owe Mr. Buffet and stop being the mouthpiece for a socialist president?

This is the really funny part in all this. Steve Forbes did an evaluation of what his “secretary” must make in wages and investment returns for Buffet to make his claim. Forbes says that his “secretary” makes between $250-500K a year! On top of all that she must not be very savvy about investments because her capital gains have to be practically nil.

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t know any “secretary” that makes that kind of money. Buffet conveniently demoted her position in name to make the claim seem more preposterous. She is obviously an executive assistant and not a secretary. Her salary alone makes her a 1%er………one of the evil nasty people that Obama says isn’t paying her fair share and wants to raise her tax!

Wouldn’t that make her taxes higher still Mr. President? Make Berkshire Hathaway pay what they owe in taxes Mr. President, and while you are at it collect the $1 Billion in back taxes owed by federal workers, and leave the unsavvy executive assistant out of it, we don’t care how much she makes!

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