Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why the Middleclass Is Scared To Death of Obama

Why the Middleclass Is Scared To Death of Obama
Al Ritter

The media and the Administration claim that Obama is demanding that the “rich” pay more of their “fair share,” has Middleclass Americans scared to death. Obama claims to want to put more money in middleclass American’s pockets, but the general feeling of the Republicans is that we already know the man lies, and they are afraid this is just one more in a continuing trail.

With 41% of Americans paying no tax at all, and the top 1% of wage earners paying 95% of the taxes in America, where is the equity in that? What is the fair share of the 41% who pay nothing? We pay percentages, meaning the more you earn as a base the more you pay volume wise. A study was done that reported that if the top 1% of American wage earners were taxed at 100%, the National debt, and the deficit wouldn’t even improve .01 of one percent! So why this sudden attack on the group as Obama says isn’t paying their fair share?

Folks it is the attack of socialism plain and simple, the need to want to give the fruits of someone’s hard work into the hands of someone with either no drive or no skill to do the same thing. Republicans are baffled at his claims of not paying their fair share, but it’s the basic mindset of capitalism versus socialism that is at stake here.

Middleclass Republicans are afraid to do well now, afraid to go into that higher echelon of the upper class, for fear if they do their fruits of labor will be taken from them. Is it any wonder that 48% of America still support Obama? Of course it isn’t, look at the percentage that pay no taxes………..why would they want to give up their free ride with a chance at getting more?


kevin bryant said...

His state of the union speech just reaffirmed what you said.

republican patriot said...
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mel miller said...

Very nice nutshell analysis Al.

barb p said...

I totally agree Al..and I am so afraid that group of people will try to put him back in affice again. They sure don't want to loose the handout they are getting!!!!

ALL republicans better get to the poll this time!!!!