Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear Patriots:

Dear Patriots
William Grant Burmer

In light of the plethora of Executive orders by the President, the regulations of his czars, and the left wing communists in the Congress, it is left to us to remedy the dilemma they have forged upon “We The People.” We are not left without hope if we continue as we have with the “Tea Party Movement.” Its success largely lie with us individually and collectively to right these wrongs. 
A little bit of history will help us see more clearly how we can overcome these Unconstitutional Mandates:
In 1828 President Jackson instituted what became known as the “tariff act of 1828” A Tax upon South Carolina on imports from Briton. Essentially forcing the South to pay higher taxes on goods they did not produce. And offhandedly made the British pay more for the cotton they purchased from the South.
In 1828 however the South issued what was known as the right to “Nullification.” In U.S. history this is based on the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution. It held that any state has a right to declare null and void any federal law that they deem unconstitutional, the federal government has no right to exercise powers not specifically assigned to it by the U.S. Constitution; as early as 1799 Kentucky and Virginia declared nullification to be the rightful remedy by the states for ALL UNAUTHORIZED acts done under the pretext of the Constitution. In this instance of 1828 which, favored the North over the South. 
The Industries of the Northern New England states could not compete with the cheaper imports of the South precipitating the Tariff in the first place. Several remedies were sought after however all eventually, as we all know led to Civil War in 1864. 
Our cause should be to support those in our legislatures to steadfastly demand that the federal government not exceed it constitutional authority. Be it “Obama Care, ” Executive orders, of Congressional Legislation, if it is not authorized Constitutionally, based upon delegated authority, we have a right and moral obligation to oppose and declare their actions Null and Void.
Nullification is commendable as a principal because its persistent practice engenders trust between the elected and the electorate and encourages reliable patterns of interaction between the citizen, the state and Local Authorities as well as the federal government; all creatures of “We The People.”
The concerned citizens of our Republic are no longer willing to defer to Congress, State Legislators, or other elected officials at any level to repeal Unconstitutional Laws and oppression upon our unalienable rights to pursue our own happiness. We have a right and a duty to unashamedly assume our right to derail the “long train of abuses and usurpations” and ‘provide new Guards for (our) future security” ---The States and most importantly ---themselves. Speak out America Let those we elect hear our voices!!! Let God hear from us in our pleas for his help in these worthy pursuits.


Grant Burmer said...

I sent the following to President OBAMA Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Jeff Denham, John Bainer, and Devin Nunez. If you have an issue don’t forget to share it with our elected leaders. They need to hear from each of us, and often. Grant.

barb p said...

We better have a very strong voice in November!!! My blood pressure is not happy with all the bs we are having to put up with!!!