Monday, August 13, 2012

DeEnergizing The Base

DeEnergizing The Base
Kevin Bryant 

What is going on with the Romney campaign? It appears to me that we are getting a repeat of the John McCain campaign. During the primaries the base was all fired up and record numbers of voters were turning out for primary contests.  But now…….. 

We have gone from one of the hardest hitting primaries to a softball general election. The Obama campaign is running almost completely unopposed on their record, their distortion of the truth and their Chicago style tactics. Sarah Palin said it best when she told reporters “The McCain campaign wouldn’t allow me to take the gloves off”.  

Romney is looking and acting like a nice boy scout who is trying to help an elderly person across the street, not someone in a fight looking to win the white house. If the base wanted another softball campaign we could have gotten that from John Huntsman. We did get that from John McCain. 

It’s time to take the gloves off, roll up the sleeves and get dirty. Romney doesn’t need to take the message to the streets of America, he needs to take the fight to the streets of America.


barb p said...

Beating Obama seems to be getting harder...

bud s said...

I AGREE 100%