Friday, May 17, 2013

Liberty For Security

Liberty For Security

Kevin Bryant 

Our founding fathers knew there was no better way for men and women to protect themselves than to allow them the liberty to use whatever means available to them including firearms.  

It was not uncommon when the “the colonies” were still under British rule for women and children to be gang raped by British soldiers. Of course this was done after the soldiers confiscated the owner’s weapons. Many times this was done with the men of the house were away. 

It was not uncommon during the civil war for both Union and Confederate soldiers to gang rape women and children of the south. Rarely was there distinction between black and white women and children. Both were brutally raped and beaten regardless of skin color. 

There are multiple rapes and attempted rapes happening every day in America and other countries. What the media never tells you is there are more rape victims per capita in almost every country other country of the world than here in America. The media will tell you a rape attempt was foiled by mace, pepper spray, even a stun gun, but when was the last time the media told you more attempted rapes are foiled by a handgun than all other methods combined.   

Lastly, when was the last time you heard of an on duty police officer stopping a rape in progress? I never have. I have seen it happen on television but not once have I seen or read about it in the news. 

Here we are, our own government telling us we would be safer as a society if we place more restrictions and limits on firearm ownership. We have cities on the both coast paying as much as $200 for every gun they get turned in. How many believe by turning in these weapons, a crime was stopped before it started? Only a fool would believe that. Anyone with criminal intent will find a way to commit his/her crime. My father once told me “locks are only in place to keep an honest man honest”. He was right. 

Over 1200 murders a year, more than 3 murders per day, are committed in ways other than the use of a firearm here in America. 400+ are done with the use of a hammer alone, 500+ done with a knife or ball bat.  

Restricting firearms does not name us safer at all. The only thing firearm restrictions do is make a criminal more likely to complete his crime.  

The police are not going to stop a crime. They get called at best, when one is in progress. Most often it is after the criminal has already left the site. Police on average have just over a 5 minute response time. In smaller towns and rural areas, the response time could be upwards of 1 hour or more.  

After the vote in congress, our whiner-n-chief cried about not passing tougher gun legislation. He flat out lied to the public saying 90% of Americans were for tougher background checks. NO, 90% of Americans are for making it more difficult for criminals to get weapons. This bill did nothing to stop them. He cried out to Americans to punish their senators…. I say praise those who voted against it. He stated the “gun lobby”, meaning the NRA and its allies lied about the bill. They stated nothing that wasn’t true. Obama claimed these “gun lobbies” lied about a national data base. Truth is, in the bill it requires all states to hand over “upon request” of the federal government all information pertaining to gun licensing, background checks and registration to the federal government.  

Once again, the whiner-n-chief used the still mourning parents of Newtown as props so he could shamefully exploit them. He has ZERO shame in using people for his political purposes. Now he going to use them again as he tries to get by executive order what he didn’t get in congress.  

Would this bill have stopped a single assault…NO. Would it prevent a single rape, mugging, home invasion or murder…NO. Chicago and Washington D.C. are perfect examples of what the first impacts of this legislation would have looked like. What it would have done was to open the doors for more assaults on the constitution and the bill of rights.  

Unless we have less, not more gun control in this country, you will be no safer than you are at this very moment. The BIG LIE is government can protect you. No they can’t. YOU are your first line of defense. The police can investigate, the police can draw outlines around your body but they can’t protect you any better than you can protect yourself. As things are now, it won’t be MY body that has the chalk outline drawn around it if my home is invaded. Had this passed, it would put me at greater risk, and emboldened the intruder.

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