Monday, June 10, 2013

Is The IRS Targeting Conservative Taxpayers?

Is The IRS Targeting Conservative Taxpayers?
Al Ritter

Follow a story with me and judge for yourself if you think conservatives are being unfairly targeted by the liberal administration.

Conservative taxpayer e-files his tax returns on April 15, 2013 through his accountant and awaits his refund by automatic deposit. 45 days later he receives a letter from the IRS with a demand that he goes to a governmental site and verify his identity. The taxpayer does so and awaits his refund; even though, so questions asked were unnerving and he felt that those questions were above and beyond what the government should even know about him.

Two weeks pass and the taxpayer contacts the IRS advocacy group for help in getting his refund. They inform him that only dire need taxpayers can use this group. He was told that to qualify you must be facing eviction, foreclosure or utility shut off to use the system. He is referred to the general IRS office. After explaining his problem the woman tells him that he is only two weeks into a 6 week process. After clarification she informs him that his return time frame has now been extended 6 weeks because of this identity confirmation process.

She checks the records and informs him that a letter has been mailed to confirm what she just told him. Begrudgingly he agrees and awaits the letter. He receives the letter on June 7th dated June 10th but the message is MUCH different than what the woman at the IRS had told him.

The letter did in fact confirm that the process would take much longer than expected, but herein the twist lies. The taxpayer had designated a portion of his return to be used as a first quarterly payment to his 2013 income taxes. The letter stated that because his return hasn’t been processed yet his first quarterly payment was now past due!

This taxpayer is rightly concerned that if the IRS asked him such personal questions in the “verify identity process,” is it really ridiculous to assume that they already know he is a conservative and writes for a blog, and therefore has targeted him personally to get him to calm down his rhetoric?.....I think not!



bud s said...


Grant Burmer said...

I sent my letter and yours to Rand Paul.

Grant Burmer said...

Congress needs to know this.

barb p said...

I completely agree with your interpretation of what is happening Al. That occurred to
me as soon as I heard what was happening with the IRS investigation!

My Sister's friend suggested you contact "The American Center for Law Justice" - 877-989-2255.
This is supposed to be a group fighting for the American citizen who is being 'abused' by the
system. I know nothing about the group, but a free call might be worth making ?!!!

It is so wrong what we have allowed to happen to our Nation!

aparadoxlost said...

I truly believe that the IRS is targeting not only Conservative groups but individuals as well. My seventy year old mother who barely makes about $12,000 a year with Social Security and a part time job feels that she is being targeted. We filed her taxes the day before the deadline and she is supposed to get a small refund of about five hundred dollars but we have yet to see it. She has called several times and only gets recordings that it is “being processed”. It is now 62 days and no refund so she drove all the way to downtown Richmond, fought for a parking space, and walked two blocks to the IRS office to find out that they were closed because of tax cuts!? Relatives and friends that filed their taxes the same time have long since received their refunds. My mother is a known conservative and very vocal. She wrote numerous letters against Obama and some key Congressional leaders and had them printed in a small county newspaper. It seems suspicious to me that those who are registered Democratic voters and Independents have received their refunds yet my mother has not!? But I know what you are saying, this is just one incident but it is not. I have heard several individuals who are members of the Richmond Tea Party, Hanover Tea Party, and active members of the Republican Party and their refunds have come in later or complain of unusual problems with their filing/return, or audits for unusual circumstances. I myself have had constant audits and threatening letters about my social security number not matching my name, someone has claimed me on their taxes and the recent incident where my ex-husband and I did not file for one year and once we prove we did then the IRS comes back with another year. It is exhausting and scary. I feel that this goes back for many administrations no matter what political side is in power. It is obvious that the IRS has become so powerful that these Gestapo or Mafia type of tactics should be illegal and we need to do away with the Internal Revenue Service by illumination and revamping the tax system to a Fair Tax or some other tax system that everyone including illegal immigrants are paying their fair share without loop holes, deductions (outside of mortgage and children) and all income levels. It is tyrannical that the Federal government can use a tax system to enslave and punish their citizens. We need to free ourselves from this tyranny and do away with the IRS.

republican patriot said...

The really sad part is.......there is NO recourse with the can't sue them or even have your case heard in court..they are the ultimate in a planned regime of terrorism!

aparadoxlost said...

It is sad...that unless a great catastrophe that makes the federal government cease to exist, an invasion from aliens, or another revolution which would never happen cause the under educated poor that relies upon the federal government to maintain their subsistence living, a system of government that inables the ultra rich to hide their millions and maintain the lavish life style with minor retribution, or the working class that are overworked under paid and drone down to the point of a zombie state where they are so tired that they just want to surf the web or watch American Idol nothing will change.

republican patriot said...

The really sad part is that because of this administrations policies the distance between rich and the poor has widened, the middle class is on track to totally disappear shortly. The result is what makes countries "third world nations".........the middle class is gone!

republican patriot said...

well here's the confirmation I was waiting for!.........