Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mr President; You Owe the American Public an Apology!

Mr President; You Owe the American Public an Apology!
Al Ritter

Mr President, You owe the citizens, including the patriotic Bikers an apology. You speak about compassion and empathy in America and yet you disrespected every American by approving a Muslim March to protest how THEY feel treated like victims of 9/11!

The arrogance of your party is astounding! Have you no feelings for the victims of 9/11, their families or the first responders? By approving that permit and denying a request from the bikers for their own counter protest, you trampled on every grave of every innocent life lost that day!

You may think 9/11/01 is a “long time ago” as Jay Carney likes to say, but 9/11/12 certainly isn’t, and you sir haven’t answered one damn question about that day, and continue to threaten actual witnesses to that horrible event in Benghazi.

Although this day is not done, it is clear that OUR words WILL be heard in Washington DC as the rolling thunder will speak for us and we watch as the Muslim protest has dwindled to a few hundred (as reported by your lapdog The Huffington Post.)

Your goal as President should be a representative of the majority of the population, and not a radical mouthpiece to an aggressive group of terrorists.

You should be humbled today, as your Russian counterpart has made you look extremely foolish on the world stage, but instead your spin masters try to make you look better than you are. Your arrogance not only amazes me, but it scares me, your narcissistic attitude threatens the entire stability of world power structure.

Get us out of the Middle-east……let them solve their own problems…….Democracy is not a wanted political structure in countries who have only experienced dictatorship and warlords their entire lives. It is NOT our responsibility to be in the “country building” business.

And while we are discussing “Democracy” and apologies………OUR Country is a “Republic” Mr. President, to call it anything else shows your ignorance of our founding documents and founding fathers.


bigolds said...

Bravo Al...Bravo !!!!!

barb p said...

Al this is great. I responded on your blog. This is so well written with intelligence, something we do not see coming from our Leaders....thank you!

kathy o said...

well said!

bud s said...


joe o said...


Grant Burmer said...

Al, It would be satisfying if OBAMA read any of our letters, I have a feeling most never reach his desk, and at best some of his lackeys may read them, and or trash them.

PS. Wasn't that great about the two impeachments in Colorado? I would like to do that here in California.

barb g said...

EXCELLENT letter Al !!! Did you also sent it to the White House ??

carol w said...

Yeah Al !!!!! Love this piece!!

I tell you what, If Obama would have been in the midst of those 1,000,000+ bikers, he would see how strongly the majority of them are for freedom and believing in the constitution and our flag, for which it stands. I have never been around so many patriotic folks! Such an impressive trek to DC!

They were also a very courteous, helpful, happy and protective group… I felt pretty darn safe traveling with them!

I met some nice people from Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan; a guy in our group came down from NY… seen some guys with bed rolls strapped to their bikes, saw CA tags, they came from all over the U.S. I even saw one guy who had a towel with the word POLAND on it, covering his windshield, not sure if he was actually from their or not.

Anyway, thanks for writing the article!