Friday, January 17, 2014

Has the NSA Exceeded Its Authority?

Has the NSA Exceeded Its Authority?
Al Ritter 

As reported today in a new article by The Guardian from another reported violation by Edward Snowden the NSA whistleblower, some 200 million SMS text messages are being kept in their entirety. Lawmakers have been warily eyeing “metadata” mining for some time as a procedure this is ripe for abuse. Now abuse seems to be relevant to be used in the conversation. 

Operation “Dishfire” actually spells out the ENTIRE message, user, and location is recorded into this data logging system. Also stored from these text conversations is financial info and passwords. The possibility for massive abuse is now a reality! 

No arguments can now be used claiming that the legality exists but abuse never has. For too long we have traded security for liberty and freedom, and now we see that at 11AM this morning President Obama will be trying to rationalize their behavior and convince that this isn’t the normal operation of the NSA. 

The Patriot Act was a bad stop gap method to start these major data collection systems. President actually had an expiration date for the Patriot Act, but President Obama has used that Act to place blame on Bush. Obama could have and should have closed down the Patriot Act but has chosen to abuse this to serve his own purposes. 

The Supreme Court doesn’t seem to want to shut this collection down either, but rather to be complicit in the invasion of privacy of our citizens and citizens world-wide. What group in their right minds would give such an authority of trust?


Ally said...

Big Brother Obama is not only watching, he is collecting and preparing. If he is allowed to follow his plan to fruition, he will make Nazi Germany look like a boy scout convention.

Kevin Bryant said...

With the enacting of the patriot act, we have set the "Rise of the Fourth Reich" in motion.

bud s said...


barb p said...

What will it take before we 'do' something to put and end to this man's step's to destroy our country? How I wish you could and would run for office...thanks for sharing Al!