Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It’s Not Just The Democrats

It’s Not Just The Democrats

Kevin Bryant


This administration has made it very difficult to write an opinion and have Al post it on his blogsite because by the time you write it, submit it and Al gets around to posting it, the subject you wrote about has already been replaced in the news by three other items or events thanks to the Obama administration. 

As you know, democrats aren’t the only ones who are ruining America. We still have John McCain and his merry band of idiots in the Senate as well as Boehner and the 150 or so phony conservatives in the house.

If they were worth even 1/3’d of what we tax payers pay these idiots, they would have already defunded a majority of the IRS, EPA, NSA and DOJ and a host of other departments and agencies. Eric Holder would have already been arrested for contempt of congress as would Lois Lerner and John Koskinen. The questions should not be “when are they going to jail” but rather why are they not already in jail.


Republicans accuse Obummer of leading from behind or having little to no leadership skills at all….. both happen to be true. Republicans lead only when they know the media is going to shows them in a favorable way. The rest of the time for many, it’s backroom dealing as usual.


Thad Cochran, the slime ball republican senator from Mississippi. The first sitting republican congressional member to actively seek democrat voters willing to cross over and vote in a republican primary. And just how does he do this, with money from the National Republican Senatorial Committee and a sly dixiecrat democrat named Haley Barbour who continues masquerading as a republican because he still wants to hold office someday and steal more money from taxpayers. If I were living in Mississippi, the day Cochran begins his first official day in the new senate, I would demand a recall vote. With the help of Haley Barbour and money from the NRSC, every conservative Mississippian got screwed. All those democrats who crossed over and voted for this idiot Cochran….. not only did you get played… you got screwed as well and you did it to yourselves.


Message to John McCain – with all due respect, put a sock in your daughter’s mouth. Megan McCain has done nothing but paint herself as the poster child of what all is wrong with the GOP. Her message is exactly what got the republicans thrown out of power in congress under Bush 43. She wants to see the return of failure. She’s more of a RINO that daddy and to be honest, I didn’t think anyone so beholden to the DNC could be outdone in the RINO department. I guess it’s genetic.


Since the Obama took office, the republican members of congress have done nothing but continually snatch defeat from what would have likely been a continual string of victories. Believe it or not, it’s not the democrats on the left that actually makes me want to move to South America when I retire, it's the republicans. McConnell acts like a little school boy who gets bullied and runs home crying while Boehner is that jerk supervisor at work that always takes credit for the hard work and creative ideas from those who work for him.


The GOP, proudly supporting Liberal ideas of Big Government and Consolidated Centralized Power & Control since 1933.  


barb p said...

Very sad...and now who do you vote for???? Gotta know the person running for office, not the party...

bud s said...


steve m said...

Very true , most all the Politicians are greedy , self-serving nitwits.
In history, all Great Countries rose and fell, I am guessing it is the U.S.A.'s time to fall!!