Monday, January 26, 2015

Panzers, Pansies and Plain Ol'Pigs

Panzers, Pansies and Plain Ol'Pigs
Kevin Bryant

In 1942 we fought against German Panzers lead by General Rommel, the greatest German general and field commander. In 2002 conservative Americans fought against Hollywood Pansies lead by Richard Gere and Barbra Streisand, two of the most outspoken critics of use of military force against our enemies. Today “We The People” fight against Radicalized American (insert your own word here) lead by a Muslin Brotherhood Loving – Barack Obama and a Racist Fake Reverend – Al Sharpton.
Obama, Sharpton, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, De Blasio, Hillary and the rest of the real America hating criminals. From supporting terrorist with millions of tax dollars to calling police and white conservatives racist, it’s something new almost on a daily basis with these people. The media ignores it and America lets them get away with it. We treat politicians and Fake Reverend Sharpton like Richard Gere and Danny Glover want us to treat fanatical Muslims…… We should all dress in robes, shave our heads, dance around and hand out flowers while playing tambourines while singing Give Peace A Chance or something.
Being a real American means standing up for your rights and what you believe in. They don’t like telling them how to live or what to think. Real Americans would rather speak the truth instead of worrying all time about hurting someone’s feelings. Real Americans know security is only as good as you make it, government can’t stop and intruder from breaking into your house before he does. Government can’t protect you from yourself and real Americans know that. Real Americans accept the risks they take and the choices they make.
We must show compassion towards those of the Islamic faith. Why? What have they done to earn my compassion? Are they out there in numbers fighting ISIS? Did Muslims here in America show outrage when the planes struck the Twin Towers killing 3000 Americans? Why should I have compassion for someone who thinks it’s Ok to take a 12 year old bride or stone a woman to death if she disobeys her husband?
We must respect their religion. I do respect their religion when they actually practice it. If Islam is a religion of peace then why are there more than 1.5 million Muslims around the world killing people who don’t share their beliefs, raping and murdering women after killing their husbands before their very eyes? Does the Quran say go out and kidnap school girls then sell them off as brides? I don’t think you are going to find that in there. Americans have compassion for the victims of Islamic fanatics, why doesn’t those of the Islamic faith have the same compassion for those victims and outrage towards those who commit those atrocious acts of violence.
Real Americans clean up their own back yards before complaining about their neighbors and they damn sure don’t kill their neighbor and call it God’s will.

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