Friday, March 20, 2015

A Sad Reality

A Sad Reality
Kevin Bryant
St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD): "Though defensive violence will always be 'a sad necessity' in the eyes of men of principle, it would be still more unfortunate if wrongdoers should dominate just men."
Every President in U.S. History has had to face the sad reality of choosing whether to send men and now women into combat for what we perceive as a “Just Cause”, whether to ensure our safety or those who are innocent and caught up in the struggles of opposing forces. Countless has died in the service of this country. Many honor their service and sacrifice for they did their job without hesitation.
The sad reality now is “We The People” are being attacked by the very government that is supposed to be working for us, not against us. The founders made it quite clear that America was to have a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”. No longer does such a government exist, at least not in this country. Sure, we have elected officials that work on our behalf but they are few and far between. Of the 100 U.S. Senators and 435 Representatives that make up the United States Congress, at least 400+ of them believe in their hearts that it is their job and their duty is not to do their work for the people but to rule over them as they think best.
The Civil War was not a war over slavery. It was a battle between what congress deemed as “the collective good” verses “state’s rights”. Had the south won the war, those 13 states would be free of the intrusion of federalism into our daily lives.
Imagine a country where there is no federal debt? Imagine a country where people get to decide via the ballot box how much they should be taxed. Image a country where the wage earners decide who deserves assistance from the government and what is required of the recipient to receive it. Makes you wish the people in America really had a voice in how and what the federal government does. If you think for a single moment in time you have a voice, well that was just time wasted.
There are countless thousands who would give all to see an America that is once again that One True Great Nation. The sad reality is they can’t do it alone. It’s not the military or the police that is standing in their way, it is the federal government and those 400+ in congress that keep us from changing what is eroding this country. It is a Commander – in – Chief that lies, steals and cheats the American people out of their money and their liberties through executive order when on those few occasions the 400+ self-proclaiming masters of the masses aren’t giving in to his every whim.
In the world of politics, change rarely comes from the top unless it is change that is not good for the common man. Things can only be changed if the common man speaks out not against perceived injustices about race or religion or reparations for evil practices long since passed. The change must come from the bottom up.
America needs a Constitutional Convention of States. Our founders wrote into the constitution a way to peacefully change things should a government grow so out of control it no longer works for the people it governs for. We need serious changes soon or America will just become another democracy that collapsed under its own weight.
We need Judges who follow the law, not ideology and a way to have them removed if they do.
We need recall procedures for everyone from the Town Council to the President of the United States.
We need strict limits to what executive actions can be taken.
We need a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget and mandatory payments to lower the national debt each year.
We need to abolish both the Federal Reserve and the 17th Amendment.
We need to severely cut the powers of the EPA, IRS and many other agencies.
We need so much more as well.
There is no one size fits all solutions yet our politicians continue to create them and all they end up accomplishing is just creating more chaos and complications.
We have one federal government and 50 state governments. Each share similar problems but instead of the states experimenting with what will work and what will not, half the country looks to the federal government to find and implement every solution to every problem. Most of those problems caused by the very same people who are being asked to provide a solution.
America needs an uprising against the ever increasing power and reach of the Federal Government. The sad reality is, this will never happen. America has plenty of men of principle that are more than willing to fight for returning power back to the people but lack men of wealth to back such a noble and just cause.

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