Friday, April 3, 2015

Give Me Liberty

"Give me Liberty"
William G. Burmer   

      The trend in media today has become more about being pithy, than in investigating and presenting truth and fact as it really is; which includes the political intrigue, plots and crafty schemes used to distract our attention from  daily  assaults upon our God given rights, and the Constitution itself. This along with the more practical execution of those laws, pertaining to those who have abused their authority and thumb their nose at law as if it did not apply to them.  

     More than in anytime in current history we as a people must join together in opposition to these trends. “We The People” have a duty to expose those who oppose our Constitution and Bill of Rights, those who would trample over our God given agency to choose Liberty and Freedom, over political tyranny or expediency.  

     Our rights come from God.  Our Founders clearly understood this as they framed our Constitution.  George Washington said in part "...religion and morality are indispensable supports..." further "...reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle." That applies most directly upon those chosen, elected or appointed to lead our nation, our states, our counties and cities.  

      What is the trend today?  To exclude, obliterate, castigate, or expunge any mention of God at all costs, most especially within all government circles.  This attitude cannot continue to stand! It seeks to remove from history the very thing (God) that separates America from the rest of every other government in the world. 

      Let it be known that it is our sacred duty to preserve our Constitution along with its principles as currently outlined if we are to remain free to exercise our agency, and enjoy liberty. We believe that Our Constitution as framed is as much from God as is the Ten Commandments.   

     Those principles so founded by our Fathers if taken from us will only be restored by the blood of good men and women. The biggest threat to our liberties today are those who work in secret, those who would compromise with evil, will beget evil, and the people will suffer. Those who would think my thoughts conspiratorial, out of touch, or deranged, would do well to remember history, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and others, who brought so much tyranny and death upon their people during WWII, all for wealth and or power.   

      There are many in our own branches of Congress, Senate, and Executive who would, and have compromised their own principles, it ever they had any to begin with, for gain, and for power rather than serve the people they were elected to represent. I could name names, but it would fill another page or more. Shame on them. 
     One who follows the news of the day does not have to second guess the trends played out by many of our elected officials to see what is currently happening to America. We believed we had chosen good men and women at our last election however, we have since discovered that we have elected many, so called fence sitters, whom have no principle, and have prayed upon us like wolves upon helpless lambs, damn the rod of tyranny curse it!  

      Let every man and woman use his or her Liberties according to the Constitution to crush these traitors. Remove them from office, impeach them, and try them for the treasonous acts they have brought upon our great nation.  We must choose good over evil. We cannot expect the Lord God above to protect us unless we are willing to expose truth, try those who have perverted our Law, and do all we can to preserve our liberties. To honor the Constitution and Freedom is a sacred duty for all of us.  Our Freedom is at stake.  God Help us. 

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