Thursday, March 31, 2016


William G Burmer 
 For many months now President Obama has been plotting to declare martial law, this according to several political commentators in the Internet.  One has to wonder if this is not becoming a reality when we see left wing ideologists' such as Move,  Black Lives Matter and radicals such as Bill Ayers  popping up in the news lately.
      They are bent on creating the impression that The Conservative Movement under the leadership of Donald Trump are the instigators for their  protests. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their very  existence lives within  the radical Left Wing of the Democratic Party, or as I refer to as "communist revolutionists or agitators." Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders are at their head funded by the likes of George Soros. 
    This all becomes a form of life repeating itself from a historical prospective.  When President Lincoln was elected in January 1860 several of the southern  representative in the Congress walked out and by 27 March after taking office, several more southern states representative walked out leaving the southern States void of proper representation.  All of this because the South disliked Lincolns views on slavery. 
     So it is with the RINO Republican, and Left Wing demigods in the Democratic party. Donald Trump's views on the southern border security and  "radical Muslims" threat to our nations security are just as volatile in subject matter as was Lincolns political views on slavery.  If Trump should be elected the status quo would be severely interrupted.
     Interestingly the actions of the southern Representatives created a situation for Lincoln requiring Martial law being imposed in order for him to run the country and the military. You can find this in Rule (A) codified in UNITED STATES CODE number 95. This meant that our country would be ruled by "Executive Orders."  Sound familiar?  President Obama would like nothing less for himself than to do this.  If his crowd of dissenters along with Bill Ayers can create enough havoc it might happen. 
     As a side note, not many citizens are aware that as a result of Lincolns actions after declaring Martial Law one of his Executive orders included the creation of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, or as referred to today as the IRS. This happened in July 1 of 1862. His Military officer for enforcing the collection of taxes to support the Civil War was given to a Man named Lafayette C. Baker. Commissioned to the rank of Colonel he was is noted to have instituted a reign of terror unparalleled  in history  upon the Northern and especially the Southern states after the war ended   See Law That Never was Vol: II, pp.188-189.  As we are all aware this organization has become more tyrannical in power and scope than the government itself.  It has been and is used by our elected officials to their advantage to breech all Constitutional Principle in America and enslave all of its citizens. Lincoln might have corrected this event given the chance to do so, however he was conveniently eliminated.   
     Think Obama is not capable of doing something similar?   Think, again! Donald Trump, and Senator Ted Cruz are a real threat to the power elite in Washington DC. They will do all they can to use these two good men as an excuse for any chaos created in order  to retain power and continue to enslave each one of us.  Liberty, Freedom be dammed.    

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