Friday, July 31, 2009

The Flames of Hate

The Flames of Hate
Kevin Bryant

How come we never hear about African – Canadians or Mexican – Canadians? Have you ever heard of an African – Englishman? No, How about an African – Spaniard? Slavery at one time was common practice in England, Canada and Spain as well as here in the United States. No one speaks of the history of slavery or segregation in those countries. Why is that?

I believe that if Martin Luther King was alive today, he would be ashamed of what became of his dream for America. Had he lived, it is highly likely that the term African – American would not be part of the politically correct culture today. His dream was for a nation united by all people existing as one regardless of race.

Does bigotry and racism exist today? Of course it does. It exists wherever multiple cultures and races co-exist. Is everyone a racist? No, there are many, especially those born in the 1950’s and later who do not hold embrace racist thoughts or beliefs and try to live by the principals that MLK brought forth.

The United States was not the last country to abolish slavery. Slavery existed in Asia and India until around the early 1900’s but you never hear of problems of race in those regions. In many places on earth, they are living the Martin Luther King dream. Back here in the U.S., that dream is still being ripped apart today. Racial hatred is being taught on college campuses, taught in our prison systems, in our public schools. It’s fueled by the existence of the NAACP, KKK, LaRazza, ACORN and other like groups. It’s used for profit by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others. It invades our daily lives by the existence of laws such as hate crimes legislation, Miss Black America pageant, Black Entertainment Television. We see it in the news by way of Latino anti-immigration law protest, gays attacking black and white churches after California Proposition 8 failed.

We see it in the news that certain minority communities demand more police patrol their neighborhoods to help curb violence and then community activist complain about racial profiling because minorities are being pulled over and arrested. The only good all this really does is continue to fan the flames of racism.

So long as there is money to be made from racial divisions, there will always be racial divisions here in the U.S. So long as there are people who are willing to turn out to see those who preach or teach hatred and racism, the fires will continue to burn bright. So long as we keep electing those to office that appeal to or play along racial lines over those of moral clarity, there will be racism.

What I am about to say is certainly not PC but accurate in every way. Racial tensions in this country mainly exist because liberal blacks and latinos refuse to integrate into the mainstream and embrace equality. Most whites have let go past racial hatred, but that does not seem to be the norm in the liberal black community. We all need to recognize that equality exists and all our futures are what we choose to make it. We need to quit lowering the bar to allow for more inclusiveness. Equal opportunity means just what is says. Everyone is based solely on their own merits and accomplishments. I got to where I am because of hard work and nothing else. I most certainly was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and in fact, growing up my family was worse off than those existing on welfare today yet my parents didn’t believe in government handouts. They qualified for them but the only one they accepted was the school free lunch program. So no one can look me in the eye and tell me that poverty blocks someone’s ability to advance him or her self. There is no “man” keeping anyone down. The current “man” happens to be named Barack Obama and he is the President of the United States. You don’t get any more powerful than that in this country. Time for excuses is over.

We no this will not happen those because the hate promoters out there will not allow it. My fear is that someday very soon, the flames of hatred are going to be fanned to the point where America is going to look like late 50’s and early 60’s Mississippi, Alabama, Los Angeles and Detroit.

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barb p said...

I truly have the same fears Kevin. Life today can be very scary…