Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simply Pathetic

Simply Pathetic
Kevin Bryant

I walked out on my front lawn around 9:30 pm last Friday evening to just take a break after all the hassles from work and stuff just so I could clear my head. I just wanted some peace and quiet and a chance to relax. Looking up at the stars, I couldn’t get my mind off the crap and tax bill (known as cap and trade) that passed the house earlier that day.

By every definition available except that which is written in the Constitution, Barack Obama is a traitor to the people of the United States. He hides behind the Constitution when it suits his purpose and he has the Attorney General twist the writings and intended meanings when it does against his agenda. Then we have a congress that would also fall into that same category of traitors in every sense of the word except as defined by the Constitution. As much as I hate to admit this, even our very own supreme court is dangerously close to (if not already) falling into the traitorous category.

There has not been a single piece of meaningful legislation passed that has not either raised taxes, redistributed wealth or created loopholes to allow for government takeover or control of businesses. Yes, bills have passed and been signed into law that did not raise taxes or do any potential damage to this country, but the percentage of those is rather small.

BHO claims he does not want to run a car company much less two of them. Alright, give them back to their rightful owners. I’m sure those senior shareholders that you stole Chrysler and GM from would gladly take them back if you would let go of your control. You say you have no desire to run banks and insurance companies. Give them back to the shareholders and allow the institutions to pay back the bailout money that they took and release the nooses from around their necks that you placed there. The banks I use didn’t take a dime of bailout money and now thanks to you I will be buying Ford products until you squeeze them into submission and then most likely Toyota products. I want nothing to do with government run industry.

Let us take a look at what is currently on your agenda to ruin. First up is healthcare. BHO, since you claim to be too busy to run the healthcare system, then why are you pushing for a single payer system? Better yet, just be honest with the people. You claim that your plan is to provide an alternate to private healthcare and that we are free to choose. Tell the people what that really means. Tell them that your plan actually will drive up healthcare cost for insurance companies to the point that they will no longer be able to provide quality insurance for people and once you have forced them out of business, you will have the primary objective you have been seeking all along, mandatory universal healthcare for all because no other affordable alternatives will be available to the lower and middle classes.

The other item currently on your agenda is Cap & Trade. This is not a climate control bill and you know it but that’s exactly what you are pushing it as. Global temperatures have held steady for the past 7 years. This is why Al Gore switched from calling it “Global Warming” to “Climate Control” even though media, the left, yourself and Al Gore are still calling for same dooms day type results. Cap & Trade is nothing more than a tax on the people of the United States. You campaigned by telling people that 95% of Americans will get a tax break. You just conveniently failed to mention the “break” was their bank accounts because the lower and middle classes will no longer be able to pay for electricity and other utilities. You admitted in an interview that the cost of energy would quote: “skyrocket”. Now you are claiming it won’t but the CBO, Heritage Foundation, Rand Institute and every one else says it will. You say this bill will create jobs, but in truth, it will cost hundreds of thousands of Americans their jobs. It will close factories, destroy industries and what remains will move their operations overseas where it is cheaper because that will be the only they will be able to stay in business. This is nothing more than a massive spending bill and thievery so that you can pay back the people who contributed heavily to your campaign.

BHO, you use words like: crisis, catastrophe, emergency, imperative, absolute necessity and others to scare people into believing that what you are doing is necessary but in fact, had you done nothing at all, most Americans would be better off today than they are. America wouldn’t be looking at a 2+ trillion dollar debt in 2010. Unemployment would have been lower than the figures you projected when you used fear tactics to pass your so called stimulus package.

Beginning your 6th month in office BHO and you still “Blame Bush” for everything. You have no right to say that anything is still a crisis left over from the previous administration. The Bush recession ended when you passed your stimulus bill. Everything from that point going forward is yours. Be a real man for once and own up to it. I’m not holding my breath here. Your ego will never allow you to admit you were wrong.

Everything the current administration has done up to this point can be reversed with minimum damage to this country. If Cap & Trade and Universal Healthcare do clear congress, it will take decades for this nation to recover. It would be cheaper to go to war with China than it would to pay for these two economy killing bills.

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