Friday, July 24, 2009

Where’s My Sign

Where’s My Sign
Kevin Bryant

Gee Mr. President, your administration is so transparent, it’s just amazing. Are you using Windex? Where’s My Sign?

I’m so glad this administration and congress keeps all those bills short and use plain language so that we all have time read and understand them before congress votes on them. Where’s My Sign?

1.5 Million jobs saved by this administration. You ARE the man. Where’s My Sign?

I just don’t understand why those pesky conservatives can’t see that cap & trade is good for the economy and the environment. Where’s My Sign?

Having Czars is a wonderful idea. Why should the American public know what is going on. We are all too stupid to know what is best for America. Where’s My Sign?

ObamaCare is a long overdue. Why should the elderly have access to health care anyway. Living only 20 years after having hip replacement isn’t enough time to really enjoy it. Where’s My Sign?

What!?! Americans are starting to question you…….How Dare They!!!! Where’s My Sign?

Closing Gitmo was a wonderful idea. We should make all the prisoners there American citizens and the world will love us for our compassion. Where’s My Sign?

I’m so thankful that I have you and the congress to spend most of the money I earn. I could never make the same type of intelligent choices on how to spend it that you can. Where’s My Sign?

We need to pay more taxes. America should be leading the world in how much we spend on our government instead of being only third in the world. Where’s My Sign?

Joe said not a penny of the stimulus money would be wasted on his watch and you know what…..I believe him. Where’s My Sign?

We need more justices like Sotomayor and Ginsburg. Where’s My Sign?

Bigger government and smaller cars is just what America needs. Where’s My Sign?

Those making less than $250,000 a year will not see single penny more in taxes under my plan. How could we be so blessed? Where’s My Sign?

When are people going to wake up? When is the majority going to see that this administration believes that the population in general is so dumb that we lack the capacity to think for ourselves and have even less capability to make decisions for ourselves? America became the greatest country on earth not because of our government but in spite of it. We became the industrial leaders of the world because of free enterprise. We didn’t need government regulations and we certainly didn’t need government intervention to get there.

I am not a conspiracy theorist but I think I finally am starting to see what exactly the driving force behind this administration is. I honestly think Obama is using the community organizers handbook to create a situation that is so grave in the minds of the population that we would be willing to forgo the Constitution in order to gain our prosperity back. I believe that many would be willing to do this in spite of the fact that it would lead to even greater federal government control over our lives and would virtually make state governments useless and obsolete.

Our nation’s prosperity came as a result of the Constitution. Throughout the 1900 and up to today, our country has been slowly declining as we have moved further away from individual and state’s rights. All the while, that power and control we have lost has been seized by the federal government and we are now seeing them use that same power against the population.

Our population is usually divided along financial lines, upper, middle and lower class, as defined by income. The Obama administration wants to erase this and have a two class system. The elite, those who have power money and influence would be one class. The other being those dependent upon government for their own existence. This is nothing more than divide and conquer. Once you eliminate the middle class, it only leaves the other two. So, while promising great things to the biggest portion of the population (the middle class) behind the cameras and curtains, you stab the same people in the back once you have used them to get elected.

Obama’s future for America, look no further than life in Russia in the 1700 & 1800’s. A duel class population where the elite ruled the country for centuries. Only this one has a more modern day twist to it.


barb p said...

Things are looking pretty bleak.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool vibe we have going here, keep it going =]