Monday, June 30, 2008

The Cookie & The Ice Cream Sundae (A KB Opinion)

The Cookie & The Ice Cream Sundae (A KB Opinion)
Kevin Bryant
I wrote an opinion piece a few months back entitled: What Is Right With America? Since then I have come to the conclusion that there is even more wrong with America than I first realized. It all comes down to a few common denominators.

First off, America is about to select a president and over half the people that are going to be voting have no clue what the candidates stand for in regards to the issues of this election. Those that actually have a clue know what the problems are and what is going to be required to fix them. The other half is made up of those that fall into one of the categories listed below

1.) My daddy voted democrat; my daddy’s daddy voted democrat and by gosh I am too.
2.) I want change and Barrack Obama has promised that he is going to change Washington.
3.) Government owes me an above average lifestyle based solely on my birth right as an American.
4.) I Hate George Bush – I don’t know why exactly, but everyone tells me that all this mess is his fault.
5.) It’s about time we had a black man in the white house.

On one side we have John McCain. John McCain has the personality of an oatmeal cookie. He looks rough and has funny looking spots on him. Even though he is rough looking on the outside, he’s soft in the middle and kind of looks like every other cookie.

On the other side, there sits Barrack Obama. He’s more the ice cream sundae type. Looks that are smooth and inviting and give the appearance that it will be quite refreshing.

There they sit, side by side. One with great appeal and the other with hardly any appeal at all.

Now, you take the oatmeal cookies and the ice cream sundae and put them into the southwest Texas sun on an average August day and leave them out there all day. The ice cream sundae is going to be all melted and kind of gooey looking with little substance left but the banana that was buried under all that window dressing. But now you can’t even eat the banana because it is covered in spoiled milk from which the ice cream was made. A few feet away, you have the oatmeal cookie. The cookie wasn’t very attractive to look at a few hours ago and would never have been the choice for most people who had an option of picking and eating just one of them. But now, having faced the hardship of the environment, the oatmeal cookie still looks like the same oatmeal cookie and haven’t withered under the heat and suddenly looks quite appealing compaired to the banana with the smelly melted gooey mess all over it.

This is what we get to choose from come November. We can choose the rough looking plane old oatmeal cookie and know that we have chosen something with substance that isn’t going to change much from the manner in which it was formed, or do we choose the smooth and refreshing ice cream sundae with all the toppings even though we know that sooner or later, all that dressing melts away and it looks nothing like what it did just a short time before.

Unfortunately close to half Americans will choose Barrack Obama based solely on one of the 5 reasons I listed previously. He looks different, he talks different and he acts different. Deep down, there is nothing different about Barrack Obama. Same old liberal spewing out the same old garbage. The only thing new about Obama, he found a new way to spew that garbage.
A president shouldn’t be someone who is going to melt under pressure or is all dressed up to look attractive and appealing just to hide what is really inside.


Anonymous said...

How can I not agree? How can SO MANY people not see this?

Anonymous said...

Interesting analogy.