Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How the hell did we get here?

How the hell did we get here ?
(Giving credit where credit is due)

Sub-prime loans:

The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977( Jimmy Carter Era) that claimed to prevent “redlining” (denying mortgages to black borrowers), by pressuring banks to make loans in poor to moderate income neighborhoods. Every time my cousin had to endure government audits and defend his position on the granting of what he considered to be “bad loans” his mood was somber to say the least. As he told me, “I was hired to make good decisions and make money for my investors, and yet the government is making the decisions on a certain number of loans, in trade for a silly rating system instituted by the government. During the Clinton era this act was made even more stringent through his “Welfare Reform Act”. Loyola College economist Thomas DiLorenzo said that, to insure that banks got a high government rating, they had to issue increasingly riskier loans to people who wouldn’t normally have even qualified for a mortgage. This combined with an over-inflated housing market (land and property), has now attributed to the tumbling of the house of cards of “sub-prime” loans. The rules are ridiculous by anyone with a shred of common sense…..lax underwriting standards, no down payment, and no verification of income, interest only payment plans, and weak or non-existent credit history.

Gas Prices:

Although the Democratic stance for the war in Iraq was for oil, they have lots of explaining to do about how they recently declared the Polar Bear as an “endangered species” to keep oil companies from drilling in Alaska even though the polar bears are no longer “endangered.” The Democratic Party keeps exclaiming how we need to find alternative energy sources, but yet won’t allow drilling in our own country, even though we can produce enough oil to be self-sufficient. They won’t allow new refineries to be built, even though we can’t refine the oil we produce presently. They haven’t allowed any nuclear power plants to be built in close to 30 years, even though the current technology allows the cleanest power to be produced by nuclear. Energy is available, and clean energy at that, but the democrats won’t allow it. How can we be self-sufficient when the democrats tie our hands as a country? Now Senator Obama seems to have adopted Senator Clinton’s idea of removing what they call “tax benefits” to large oil companies, thereby limiting their profits. Before removal of such “benefits” Exxon/ Mobil in the first quarter of 2008 made 12 million dollars in sales. The government taxed them 9.7 million in this same period. If we tax them more it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see they will merely pass along the price increase to us, but obviously the dems see that as “dumbing down the population” to appear as though they are for us……the little guy!

Osama Bin Laden:

When 9/11 happened some 100 days into George Bush’s presidency, the overwhelming conscientious (from the Bill Clinton administration) was that he was responsible for the horrible atrocity, even though President Bill Clinton was offered Bin Laden’s head on a platter numerous times. His concern revolved around the fact that his connections with the Saudi Royal family would have been compromised. Later the democrats claimed that George Bush had the connections with him. Because radical Muslim attacks started long before George Bush, in fact way back to the most embarrassing Presidency of Jimmy Carter, these actions were basically curtailed in President Regan’s term. Iran was afraid of Regan, as demonstrated by the release of the hostages within minutes of his Inauguration.


Most all the Democratic Party urged President Bush to invade Iraq, because of the threat of a threat of a nuclear program in the brewing, with the exception of Senator Obama, whom we know now wasn’t even a US Senator at that time. The information President Bush used to invade Iraq was collected and accumulated by the Clinton administration, and obviously President Bush should have been more diligent in collecting his own information. The fact that the Taliban was always in Iraq meant nothing to the Democrats, along with the fact that the military DID recover nuclear material after the invasion.

Health care:

The democrats have had a majority for the last 6 years to pass things into law but have been far busier trying to circumvent any and everything the President has tried to do. 41 challenges from Senator Reid alone to try to cut off funds to the armed forces. They have accused the Bush administration of not fixing the health care problems, yet they are the only ones who can sign bills into law. They have done NOTHING for the last 4 years to sign important bills into law. The only thing they seem to be able to do is attach Pork Barrel projects to important bills, and then place blame when the President vetoes it. Most of these bills have more money in pork then the original bill. They then blame the republicans and the president for not supporting a particular cause. The dems will never come to grips with the health care problem, because most of the PACS and special interests donate to the Democratic campaigns are lawyers who benefit immensely from litigations in medical malpractice cases.

Race relations:

It seems that Senator Obama has raised more questions about race then to help silence them. His relations with MANY Chicago ministers who have not only spewed racial hate speeches, but sexists ones as well, have served to sow a racial divide, and show that the people that surround Obama are showing the exact opposite that Obama wants to show as his “racial healing” stance. Rev Wright, Rev Moss, and Father Flagler, take your pick they all espouse hate.

Global Warming:

Al Gore is the lead in this alarmism that has invested his (hard earned?) money into convincing the public that the International Panel on Climate Change is correct in convincing us as a people that even though the scientific community as a whole is convinced that water vapor is responsible for 95% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the world. His speaking engagements to the tune of 5 Million a year and a company that he owns, that sells “carbon credits.” should be all that anyone needs to know about the farce that is being forced on our country to give the democrats yet another avenue for new taxes.

World Wide Income Redistribution:

Barack Obama has introduced a bill in Senate to substantially increase the United Nations’ Millennium Development Initiative, a far-reaching global welfare program. A history of 50 years of giving money to under-developed nations has shown to be a failure, but Senator Obama’s experience seems to be driving him to ignore the facts and push for the USA to designate .07 of the GDP to be divided by the United Nations to the poor nations of the world. You know the same organization known for corruption, and the very same crowd that supports the global warming alarmists. In just 6 short years, if passed, this bill will give 845 BILLION earned by American taxpayers to the UN, never to be seen again. We already give 15 billion a year to the UN for such grants, but the Democratic (eventual) nominee wants to increase that figure some 700 percent? We are already the country that gives the most of un-repaid aid in the world, and yet it seems that the democrats have run out of projects in our own country, and seek a better judge (UN) of economic aid. This Initiative also allows, once again, another “back door entry” to the Kyoto Protocol, the Law of the Sea Treaty, and most all of the previous UN previously initiated treaties, while disguised as a new plan. It really makes me wonder, when Obama only saw fit to vote 55 times out of two hundred times in the senate, and yet he has authored or co-authored some 573 bills since becoming a senator. It kind of makes you wonder if he thinks his agenda is somehow more important then any other senator’s. It appears to me to be nothing more then the conceit of a power hungry senator who wants to be our next president. Just to show what an idiot my senator from MD Barbara Mukulski is like, I wrote to her to express my opinion on this bill and this is what she replied to me. Obviously she is a co-conspirator on this bill with Obama.

I believe we do need to better manage what we are already spending. We also need to eliminate waste and inefficiencies in the aid, which we provide to foreign countries. That's why I am a cosponsor of the Global Poverty Act (S. 2433). This bill would require the President to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to cut extreme global poverty in half by 2015 through aid, trade, debt relief, and coordination with the international community. This bill does not authorize any specific funding levels for aid programs and it does not give up any U.S. sovereignty to the UN - it would create a plan for U.S. programs run by the U.S. government.
I believe one of the priorities of our foreign aid efforts should be cost-effective programs that help the poor help themselves. We're already helping millions of people in many parts of the world, but we can achieve more results with a more comprehensive and coordinated plan.
Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts. While we may disagree on this issue, knowing of your views is important to me. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance in the future.
There is nothing in our constitution that says we should be “sugar daddy” of the world, not a word about giving other countries our hard earned taxes. We don’t have anything that says we need to give charity (social programs) right here in our back yard and yet democrats continually give money away as if it grows on trees. Right now England takes almost 50% of their populations income, is this where we are headed?

In Conclusion:

A President’s position is largely over-rated, the real positions of power in our country, has to do with senators and congressmen. They hold the “elite status,” they make our laws they vote for self-entitlements, they work by different laws then we do as the masses. They have claimed they don’t have to adhere to term limits as other civil servants do. They have their own retirement plans, and don’t adhere to social security, they have their own health plans and thereby don’t really care if they fix these problems or not. Why do we allow this to continue? Why don’t we make them answerable to the will of the people? How have they amassed this power? They amassed this power because of the unbridled constraint of their positions. They are answerable to no one. They are above the law; they are always given the benefit of the doubt, in court, or in public opinion. We MUST take back our country from these people who think they are above the law. We need to replace the thought they all have, of “they will never throw us out,” because they have a history of being right. Close to 80% of incumbents get re-elected regardless of what they have done to their constituents. Our MD senators for years have assumed they are undefeatable. As far as I’m concerned senators and congress should be split down the middle in each state, half republican half democrat. A lopsided congress doesn’t do anyone any good. Politicians think we are stupid, are you willing to prove them right?


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This pretty much sums up what is immediately wrong with America.

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Excuse me but who died and gave Obama and Mukulski the keys to Fort Knox to give away our money? This is BS!