Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Blues

Monday Blues
Kevin Bryant

As Monday evening was coming to a close, I walked out on the deck to cool off. It wasn’t hot in my house as the temp inside was a comfortable 71 degrees. No, I had to walk out do to the mounds of stupidity that had just kept on mounting throughout the day.

I got in my truck at 6:00am to head off to work. I listen to local talk show host Chris Stigall every morning driving in. The first story I hear is about how the union bosses at the Ford ClayCoMo plant were complaining that Ford actually had a good quarter, turned a much better profit that they projected and the union didn’t see any of that money. Darn, they must have missed that $400.00 check that was sent out to all the employees. I know if someone sent me a check for that amount, I certainly wouldn’t forget about it. I haven’t had a raise here at work for couple of years now since they suspended all merit pay raises. I haven’t had a cost of living adjustment in my military retirement for a while either as it has been frozen by the good folks up in Washington DC. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about not getting a raise or a cost of living adjustment. I’m not making tons of money but my family isn’t starving either. Well over three quarters of the employees at the Ford plant here make more than I do. Their union boss makes a metric butt ton more money than I do and yet he’s complaining that the union hasn’t gotten enough of the profits? Ford has been running in deficit figures for years and I bet he got paid during those years. What would this clown like to see happen? Would he like Ford Motor Co to go the same way as GM and Chrysler? Sure, the union owns something like 55% of GM and 35% of Chrysler and yes, these numbers are probably wrong, but the point is, the union owns a good percentage of companies that they drove into the ground and are still trying to operate even though they are still drowning in a sea of debt and going deeper by the day. Message to the Ford Union Bosses: shut up. Be thankful the plants haven’t locked their doors and you still have a job. Ford made a pretty good profit because they didn’t take money from the government. More people are buying Fords because they didn’t take money from the government. My truck is a 2004 Dodge Ram but the one that will someday replace it will be an F-150 and why? Because Ford didn’t take bailout money from the government.

I get home and the first thing I always do is walk down and get the mail. There in my mailbox sits a 1099 from the state of Missouri. Why is Missouri sending me a 1099? I open it up and it states that because the state of Missouri has deemed my whopping $108.00 2008 state income return as interest and it must be claimed as such on my 2009 taxes. WAIT A MINUTE. This was money paid to the state, they get to hang on to it and draw interest on it, then give me back the small portion that I overpaid and now I suddenly have to claim that as extra money derived from interest and have to pay taxes on it. Way to go Jay Nixon. My wife has been a life long resident of the state of Missouri and this is the first year anything like this has happened. Hey Jay, why don’t you ask Bill Clinton what happens when you do something stupid as Governor and do not tell anyone you are going to do it. In Bill’s case, he lost his first re-election bid and the Republican became Governor of Arkansas for the first time since reconstruction. Jay Nixon, you are fast becoming a one term blunder. Keep up the good work. Would someone though please tell me how the heck this is even legal? How do you tax money for 2009 that was made in 2008 and taxes were already paid on it? It only increases my tax liability by a couple of dollars but that’s not the point. The point is that it should not have to be reported in the first place since it was already my money to begin with.

AW, I sit in my recliner, trying to relax even though I am still hacked off at the state of Misery, make that Missouri, for not handing out kisses to everyone they are nailing and what do I hear? Hark, it is the local news telling me that Obama’s budget is going to add an additional 1.56 trillion dollars to what is already a record setting deficit. This same clown just a few days ago preached about fiscal responsibility and here he is now, loading more debt on a nation that already can’t pay its own bills. Change you can believe in. Well, from everything I see, I really do believe that he is changing America from the greatest nation on earth into just another third rate country. Change you can believe in. I believe that America has no more change as Washington DC has spent it all. I have two credit cards to my name. One I have had for forever it seems and after my divorce from my fist wife, I paid that thing off after she maxed it out right before she left me for some other guy and have only used it twice and immediately paid it off both times. The second I have had for about two years and only used once and the only reason I have it is for emergency car repairs. Would it make sense if I were in financial trouble to look my wife in the eye and say “honey, I know we are in debt but we need to max these cards out to so we can get out of debt”? Washington logic only makes sense to those in Washington. Try this approach in the real world and the banks will take everything you own. Remember, these are the same people that want to control your healthcare.

As the evening winds down and I start to wind down also and try to get in the days episode of Glenn Beck that I DVR’d, I can’t believe my eyes. What in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is our idiot President and his crony education system teachers trying to do to our kids. Had this been tried when I was in school, parents would have burned the schools down and those of the police and fire departments would have kept the radicals back so the flames could finish the job. I can’t even write about it. You have to read it to believe it.:

Thank goodness Monday is finally gone even if the effects linger. I can’t wait to see what idiotic stupid things our leaders are going to do today.

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barb p said...

I read the article Kevin refers to, it makes me feel sick, and very angry!! I want to know how 'he' gets away with all this? Other than FOX, are the networks afraid to air the "news"?