Monday, February 1, 2010

State of the Union, 2010

SOTU, 2010
Kevin Bryant

It was disappointing for me to sit and listen to the state of the union address. Once again it was filled with arrogance, promises that were already broken, promises that will be broken and partisan rhetoric. Most will write about what was specifically said in the speech. Few will give an overall assessment of the speech. My thoughts are more along this line of writing.

The speech was a little long winded for a SOTU address. Most run about 50 to 60 minutes. Back several years ago, this speech was given as a way for the President to give his assessment as to where we are as a country and his ideas to get the country pointed in a direction that best served the people. John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan come to mind as the last two Presidents that actually gave a real state of the union address and left partisan politics out of it for the most part.

Last night was, to borrow a line from the democrats, more of the same. More of the President sounding like he was on the campaign trail instead of being the leader of a nation. More blaming the previous administration rather than taking stock in one’s own failures. He preached more at republicans instead of offering a hand of friendship in bi-partisan spirit. Yes, it was more of the same.

I believe that the most disappointing thing about the speech was again, Obama demonstration just how out of touch he is with Main Street America. He didn’t speak like he was talking to America, but rather talking at America. He spoke of why we should embrace his ideas even though none of those ideas has even a 40% public approval rating.

One of Sean Hannity’s definitions of insanity is trying the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome. Obama’s ideas have been tried and have failed not only in America but in many countries of the world, yet here he is again, advocating that they will work this time under his leadership.

America does not need a cheerleader in the White House but we have one. America is not best served when her President speaks down to her. Most of America has realized that Obama is an unrepentant narcissist, unable to admit mistakes and unwilling to accept other points of view that are different from his own.

Obama told America that he could bring people together, heal the divisions of this nation. In one aspect he is correct. Throughout the past year and again with his state of the union speech, he continually brings republicans, conservatives and moderate independents and more centralist democrats together to oppose his ideas and his philosophy. This is his one quality that I like and have come to appreciate.

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This seems to be the majority's feeling about this speech...