Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Does anyone else see the insanity?

Does anyone else see the insanity?
Al Ritter

I watch the government start a legal battle with Arizona, and their Governor Jan Brewer, when all the Arizona legislature did was restate the federal law pertaining to illegal immigration. After all the ballyhoo the Administration made about racial profiling and injecting the race card into an argument, it seems that the case the feds have presented only claim that they have the right to enforce immigration and not the state. This idea has been shot down time after time in the past.
The problem doesn’t lie with who has the right to enforce federal immigration policies, it has to do with who WILL! The law is clear, it encourages states to work WITH the feds in enforcing the immigration laws, and the Arizona law sb 1070 does just that!

The thing that is infuriating is that certain “sanctuary cities” have laws that forbid their local police departments to help in immigration enforcement. The citizens in Maryland are very familiar with such laws. Takoma Park for one specifically forbids officers from participating in anything to do with illegal immigration enforcement. This is specifically spelled out in federal law, and yet political intervention by this administration has shown that they never intend to stop illegal immigration, but to offer support to localities like Takoma Park.
Clear law precedence declares laws that offer sanctuary to illegal aliens is against federal law, and yet Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to sue those localities, but instead wastes taxpayer money on a ridiculous law suit, that can only have a favorable outcome to his benefit if he happens to get a liberal judge to hear the case.

People are tired of this abuse of reckless power. Liberals always see the expenditure of funds as the doling out of government money. The fact is that the government has NO MONEY of their own! They refuse to see that, and then add the idea of “only we know best how to spend money,” and what is best to spend it on.
The feds will spend millions of dollars on this Arizona suit, and Arizona will spend millions to defend themselves. Jan Brewer wants conservatives to donate to the legal fund to defend a suit that shouldn’t have been made to begin with! All this money being spent is OURS, not theirs! So we spend it on both sides, how crazy is all of this?

All of this could have been avoided had the federal government just done their job in the first place!

The Obama Administration claims that the fact that more border agents are along the Mexican Border than any Administration in the past is good enough, yet not 30 miles from Phoenix a federal park has been basically handed over to Mexican Drug Cartels.
What we are experiencing is an INVASION Mr. President, and it is YOUR job to protect us against invasion in our homeland. It is NOT your job to encourage illegals to bleed our system of freedom dry! DO YOUR JOB!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I see the insanity as most others do, but the govt. is determined to ignore the People & pursue their ideology.

We now prohibit Americans fm going into American soil and do nothing against the invaders. Obama is just give away soverginty. This is just insane.

Tom O said...

I believe our now beloved Governor, the former mayor imposed a similar non enforcement of informing ICE of illegals in Baltimore city too, correct?

jeff c said...

Another great piece. Thanks. Keep it up.

barb p said...

It seems to me any existing law is a thing of the laws are being 'enforced' at will, 'disregard' the existing unless it suits 'our needs or whims' (ours not being yours or mine).