Monday, September 27, 2010

For Love Of Country

For Love Of Country
Kevin Bryant

What ever happened to the days when those serving in the congress were actually a reflection of those in society? Gone are the days of merchants and farmers and we now have almost solely lawyers and doctors. Who decided that only those professions were qualified to be elected to congress?

Gone are the days when people sacrificed to serve their country. Those that served when this country was first founded did not do it for glory or fame. People served because of the great love they had for this country and love for liberty and freedom. A desire to create a place on earth that would allow freedom and liberty to flourish. These were men of honor, usually losing money to serve their country, not making profit from it.

I was watching Fox News Sunday this past weekend and both the John Boehner and Steny Hoyer were on and I think the wood flooring right in front of the television set in my house will need replaced because of all the career politician political posturing that those two did that came oozing out of my television set. They both sounded more like salesmen making a pitch to buy a product than leaders.

Boehner and Hoyer both made me sick and just reaffirmed my belief in term limits. It was quite apparent that neither of these men are there to serve their country first anymore. They are there to serve themselves first, party second and special interest third. Only God can tell us how far down the list “We The People” are on their list of priorities.

We do not need and can no longer afford the “career politician”. What we are desperately in need of is men and women willing to serve for nothing more and nothing less than For Love Of Country.



barb p said...

It feels to me like we have forgotten how precious our freedom is and we also allow others to control our lives/destinies, we just don't seem to have the time to take 'care' of our own anymore.

cary in catonsville said...

Al, are you kidding me? What's with the martin O'Malley ads on your website?

republican patriot said...

Yea I know, it amazing how a moron like O'Malley can advertise on a conservative site, just ignore him and maybe he'll go away!