Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things are changing in Maryland but go unreported

Things are changing in Maryland but go unreported
Al Ritter

On the home front in the 14th Maryland senate district the main stream new media still talks about Rona Kramer and the close undecided battle with Liberal Progressive stand out Karen Montgomery separated by a mere 104 votes.

The real story however rests with the general election and Karen’s faceoff with Eric Cary, a Republican newcomer poised to take the wind out of her sail. Too much has been made about the primary election, but nothing has been mentioned as yet to the grassroots campaign of Eric Cary, and independent businessman from Damascus Maryland, who has taken the Facebook social network by storm, challenging the ever increasing liberal political progressive machine of Montgomery County, Maryland.

It appears that even though Rona Kramer has been barely beaten in the democratic primary, the choice in November will be between the ultra-liberal progressive septuagenarian, and the much younger Republican candidate Eric Cary. Mr. Cary has not been given the proper credit for his high numbers in the primary, even though he was unopposed.

It’s unusual enough that a republican would run in the 14th district, but it’s even stranger still that that Republican would be African American, or as he would say ….”I’m not African-American, It just so happens that i'm an American that happens to be black."

He’s running on a fiscal conservative platform, but knows that he must represent all voters in his district for the good of the state. He’s holding out his hand to bridge the similarities between Rona Kramer’s supporters and the base of his party to form an alliance of unity before the November general election.

It’s totally funny how the republicans don’t get reported on until the general election comes around, and even then they only get minimal coverage

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turk182 said...

things have gone on so long in the status quo for the liberals, that no credit is given to conservatives anywhere in the state