Monday, December 13, 2010

Absolute Power Never Dies Quietly

Absolute Power Never Dies Quietly
Al Ritter

For the first time in two years, the president had to make concessions on renewing the Bush tax cuts. It was now or never to actually bargain to give something to “get” something. President Obama wanted to extend unemployment benefits yet again, and used the Bush tax cuts in their entirety as a bargaining chip to get his part of the deal through.

For the first time in his presidency I thought he did what was “right,” he actually participated in give and take. At least the president understands that the political winds are changing and that the house must return to those pesky things like debating bills before they get passed in the cloak of darkness. No longer will he be able to force things through the house and senate in a mere two days. No longer will we just have to “pass the bill to see what’s in it outside the fog.”

Obama begrudgingly got the message in November that things won’t just go his way in the last two years of his presidency. Unfortunately the house never got the memo, and now house democrats like Anthony Weiner and his ilk are forming a mutiny on the high seas of the house, in an effort to tell the president he didn’t bargain hard enough?

Dictatorial Napolionic democrats will never give in without a fight, even when they see that the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train. They want to fight until the last man is standing, and if they don’t expediently learn the art of bargaining, their prophecy just may come true……….they will go into political extinction. The public is tired of the bickering, they want to see the two sides coexist and do things together, not just stand on two opposite sides and toss bombs back and forth.


barb p said...

That was refreshing to last!!

kathy said...

there should be no compromising, especially now where the Democrats have come back and added $311 billion worth of Pork to the bill!