Wednesday, December 22, 2010

“Don’t Ask, It Smells”

“Don’t Ask, It Smells”
Louis Lazarus

The question now becomes who else is eligible to serve in the U. S. military just because they want to? With the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” this week, we have opened up a can of worms the likes of which we can’t even imagine. Once again, the people who do EVERYTHING WRONG have not failed to keep their streak going. With one stroke of the pen, the most radical and liberal president we’ve ever had has managed to add one more success in his quest to destroy our country. Serving in the military is not a right. It is a privilege. The military is not an ordinary job that you do from 9 to 5. You are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the nations security is what this job is all about. When the military runs smoothly, the nation is most secure. When there is unhappiness in the ranks, we are all in danger whether we know it or not.

A fringe group of abnormal people otherwise known as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender, thought they had a right to join the military even though there were common sense laws and rules against such folly. There were rules covering sexual behavior as well as age, height, weight, vision, hearing and a whole host of other qualifications. Theoretically, this opens the door for old people who want to “serve their country” to join our armed forces. After all, if you can break one rule, why not break them all?

Why shouldn’t an 80-year-old man be allowed to serve his country with the highest honor? The liberal mind should be able to come up with all sorts of reasons why this should happen. Maybe that person wasn’t able to serve when he was a young man…or woman. But, now that this person is older, he or she has the time and desire to join the service. You could also make the case for extremely obese people as well as those who can’t hear, walk or see. Why not? Everybody should be able to serve his or her country. Right? The problems these people might cause really don’t matter. What really matters is the individual. Every individual should be able to join the military just because they want to. To the conservative mind, this will seem really foolish. To the liberal mind, this will make perfect sense.

Let’s examine a few of the problems the repealing of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is going to cause. Obviously a homosexual is attracted to people of the same sex. This means a homosexual man is likely to become aroused when he sees a naked man in the shower. If this is acceptable, then why not just allow men and women to live, bathe, sleep and do whatever they like, where ever they like and when ever they like? It’s the new politically correct military. Another problem that is likely to arise is going to come when a homosexual is passed over for promotion. He or she will claim the reason for not getting the promotion was due to their homosexuality. The dispute will have to be settled in court. One more area of concern is housing. Are homosexuals going to be able to share a house the same way, as do heterosexual married couples?

Are homosexuals going to be allowed to marry each other? Are homosexuals going to attend military balls and dances? How about medical coverage? How about a transgender wanting a change of sex operation at the taxpayer’s expense? City employees in San Francisco are covered for just such an operation. What about the military dress code? Suppose a man wants to dress as a woman or a woman wants to dress as a man? What are they going to do? If a man is allowed to dress as a woman, which rest room will he use? How about the question of military careers? Are normal people who have several years in service going to re-enlist? Are they going to put up with all this foolishness? I doubt it. With the signing of this ridiculous bill, we could theoretically have two men enlisting, wanting to dress as women, wanting to marry each other and both demanding a change of sex operation. This same couple could then demand they be allowed to adopt a child. After all…why shouldn’t they be able to? There are no rules anymore. Liberals don’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings.

No doubt there are more consequences to this dumbest of dumb laws. Who can think of them all? Once we go down this road, there is no chance of turning back. Once homosexuals are allowed to be part of the mainstream, everybody is going to be allowed to be part of the mainstream. At some point, normal people are going to become “the fringe group”. We’re well on our way to that point in time.

Nancy Pelosi seemed ecstatic when this law was repealed. To my way of thinking, whenever this lunatic of a woman is happy, the rest of us have all the reason in the world to be sad. She is the barometer of wackiness. Her thoughts and ideas are so far left; there really is no way to describe them. The woman is Catholic and she totally supports partial birth abortion. This alone should tell the average American what kind of person she really is. There isn’t one ounce of common sense in her entire body. When you see her smiling, it’s time to hunker down and prepare for the worst. She smiled a really big smile this week.

Once again I want to point out that the source for all of our misery is this twisted thinking by liberals. We just don’t think like they think. It’s not in our genes. They have a missing gene, crossed wire, short circuit or something mentally defective that makes them this way. The problem is they are causing a danger to our lives. The only solution is to separate due to irreconcilable differences. My first blog dealt with this idea and the more brilliant, the more workable this idea becomes. We can all still be Americans but there is no reason we should have to live with them and put up with their thoughts and ideas…especially if they endanger our lives. Please re-read my first blog and give the idea some serious thought. The separation of the United States into two countries could energize our economy. Jobs would be created and ultimately people would be happier.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell worked. It wasn’t great but it did work. Now that a person can be openly abnormal in his or her sexual preferences, there is no limit to the problems this is going to cause. It’s just another reason to cause us grief. They will never stop doing this. If there is a better solution, please don’t be shy. Contact me on my Facebook page and maybe, just maybe we can improve life in this country for everyone. That’s really all I want!!

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