Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy Wall Streeters

Occupy Wall Streeters
Al Ritter

I have watched in amazement this week as thousands of basement dwellers who normally live with their parents playing video games have taken to the streets across the country to protest………??????

They clearly have no clue about what they speak or for that matter even believe in. They vilify capitalism and glorify socialism/communism with no real clear thought as to what that would mean.

Their only “demands” are places to take showers, and food stuffs to eat.
The democratic administration of Mayor Bloomberg is merely empowering this raucous behavior that has resulted in over 700 arrests. Now Barack Obama is treading on dangerous ground by siding with the entitlement generation even though he happens to be the “darling of wall street.” The Occupy group either isn’t aware of his association with Wall Street or doesn’t care.

This association could really backfire on President Obama when the empowered group turns to violence, notice I didn’t say “IF” they turn to violence. Now our inability to deal with this bad behavior has spread to other countries, and the violence is escalating.

They have no agenda other than some people have more money than they do, and they don’t like it. Most of the protestors have no jobs, nor do they want them, they merely wish to have their complaints heard. Complaints without basis have no meaning. It’s a sad state of affairs when the seated administrations will only support the useless electorate and not the ones who actually produce something in America.


Fred C said...

Hi Al, I saw a poll by Doug Schoen that said about 60% have jobs .

Look at the bright side! There are many parents who are happy as hell that these fleabaggers are not "occupying" their basements and bathrooms for a while! They may even change the locks now.

barb p said...

It has amazed me when questioned about their "protests" one seems to be able to give a definitive as to what would 'satisfy' all their needs. This has turned into a very 'sad band-wagon'. I find this very sad in an 'educated' country!!!