Monday, October 3, 2011

Stinging Slightly

Stinging Slightly
Kevin Bryant

Yes, my ears and eyes are still stinging a little over my opinion that the Texas legislature and Gov Perry did something good for the state of Texas and America by allowing kids of illegal immigrants to get in state tuition and go to college.

I never promised anyone that my opinions would be main stream. It you have been reading Al’s blog site for the past three years, you might remember I laid out the case why McCain should choose Hillary Clinton as his VP before he announced Sarah Palin. Some people there thought I was completely off my rocker but looking back, I still think it would have been a wise move.

At least one reader believes that I am endorsing Perry for President. I’m writing this to set the record straight. I am not endorsing Perry. There were 9 candidates up on stage during the last republican debate and out of those 9, I would vote for any of them over Obama, but for the primaries, I have not yet decided though I have pretty much written three off my list. Funny thing about that is, one of those three I would highly recommend that person for the VP slot on the ticket.

To set the record straight, Perry is at best, my 4th or 5th pick to vote for. I like his economic message. I like the fact that he has more Texas Rangers on the boarder than the federal government has agents there. The HPV vaccine law is a totally different issue. He should have never signed that law or any law that diminishes or limits parental control or choice.

Each candidate has plusses and minuses. Romney was governor over what is primarily a sanctuary state for illegals and did nothing to change that. Before Pelosi, Gingrich was the most controversial Speaker of the House in modern times. Paul is hell bent on cutting the military that if we ever had to fight beyond our own shores we would be outnumbered by Russia, China and every major power but France and Pakistan (only because they have nukes are they listed) in terms of personnel and equipment. The only foreign experience Bachmann has is reading & listening to national security briefs. Johnson can’t speak well enough to ever be taken seriously on the world stage. Must be a side effect from supporting the legalization of marijuana. Santorum is so in love with himself and what few things he ever did in congress he considers to be earth shattering acts that I’m surprised he still has the use of both arms after patting himself on the back so often. Huntsman supports Obama’s cap and trade stance, and believes man is the sole reason for global warming. Cain is the only person who has even less foreign policy experience than Bachmann, but I bet he could put on one heck of White House Pizza & Beer Summit.

Well what about Chris Christie? Definitely not ready for prime time. Give him 5 more years. Donald Trump, do I really need to go into this one? Sarah Palin, too many gaffs when she was VP candidate, too narrow in her ability to see 5 – 10 years down the road and a little too rogue for the job.

Each have their own faults and shortcomings and each have strengths about them. Most importantly, each would be a better choice than Obama.

I have yet to make up my mind as to who I will be voting for come the Missouri primary. I have no clue who will be left to vote for when that time comes. It could be Perry, but as things stand right now, there are at least three individuals who rank MUCH HIGHER on my list and one who is about even with him.

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