Friday, September 30, 2011

My Dear Friends:
William Grant Burmer

There is a story told of a man, the likes of Obama and his army of tyrants, passed down through generations of time. Like Obama the man wanted to be a King over the people and he pursued power wherever he could claim it, even by flattering words deceiving the some with a promise to make those who followed him rulers themselves over the people; Czars has a familiar ring does it not. Such individuals dismiss God or His righteousness and seek for power only, they are quick to do iniquity and be led away by evil men.

We have over the past 3 years seen the wickedness one very wicked man can cause to take place among the children of men. Because Obama is cunning in his devices and a man of many flattering words he has led the hearts of many people to do his bidding, not only to destroy our Christian faith but to destroy all the foundations of liberty which our God has proclaimed the essence of Americas culture.

Now comes the “Tea Party,” an enigma to the men and women who follow after Obama. Not just one man, but a growing plethora of American patriots, prepared to do battle with the evil that has engulfed their sacred Land of Liberty and Freedom; Ready to do battle and reclaim their land, their Christian faith, their love of God and Country from those who would dare take it from them.

Prepare, those of you who are not ashamed of our God, or to keep His commandments, Obama and his followers can see that the “Tea Party” is greater than they and they fear them. We must be faithful above all, to reclaim our Liberty and restore our heritage for which much blood has been spilt.

Let the true justice again prevail in our Legislatures, Our Courts, and with those chosen to lead our Nation. We do not need appeasers; we need men and women with selfless hearts, willing to sacrifice their time for the well being of the people and our Nation, that America can again lead the World in a better direction. God Bless America.


barb p said...

Thanks for sharing Grant...

Kevin Bryant said...

I have no idea if it is true or not but I have been taught the bible states for us to pray for our leaders, so I do pray for the ones on both sides of the aisle in hopes they will see the light and govern with wisdom.