Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Perry & Texas Are Right

Perry & Texas Are Right
Kevin Bryant

Over the course of the last couple of debates, Rick Perry has taken a real beating for the appearance that he is weak in immigration. In particular, his stance on the children of illegal immigrants receiving in state tuition cost at Texas universities.

Now let the arguments commence. I for one agree with the policy though I do not think it quite goes far enough. The one thing that seems to escape all those hammering him on this subject is “ children of illegals who are here do to no fault of their own”. It’s not like some 6 year old decided one day to leave Mexico on his or her own and come to the U.S. to start a new life. So, somebody had to bring them across and I bet it was the parents.

Now you have a illegal child in the U.S., what do we do in all public schools, we educate them in accordance with the law. By the time this 6 year old illegal has graduated high school, between $40,000 and $80,000 has been spent on this child’s education.

Now he or she is a high school graduate but is still here illegally which means he or she can’t find a job that doesn’t pay under the table, off the books or whatever term you prefer. So, what happens to this person, they become even more of a drain on the system.

You can’t fix this kind of problem until you address border security directly. Seal the borders tighter than a drum and then those who are complaining have a legitimate complaint.

Until then, so long as this child – kid – young adult has not gotten into any trouble with the law, graduated high school in accordance with state and federal requirements and otherwise meets the requirements for college acceptance, then why not get this kid into the system, start the paperwork for citizenship and allow them to go to college.

Chances are, if this kid has graduated high school, never had a run in with the law and meets the requirements for college, he or she would make the most of the opportunity and become a productive and positive citizen of the U.S. and member of society.

Many hearing but not listening to the debates never heard the words “put them on a path to citizenship” , they never heard “to no fault of their own”. All they heard was “illegal”. Are we a society where we directly make the kids suffer because of actions of the parents?

If the kid completes college, he gets a job, earns a living, pays taxes on those earnings and eventually pays back all the money spent to him in the form of sales tax, fica tax, med tax, gas tax and each of the other 120 types of taxes we have.

Even if this kid doesn’t complete college, he or she is now legal to be in and work in the U.S. He or she now has a legal social security number and is required to pay taxes.

Now, the one step further I stated in the beginning. In addition to all the requirements for college mentioned, I would include making the parents register as being in the country go to the back of the line for citizenship and college was conditional upon one of the parents finding gainful employment. The family as a whole would be fined $10,000 to be paid to the state within 10 years.

So, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, what exactly is NOT logical and beneficial about Texas’s approach to dealing with children of illegals? Come up with a better solution or shut your mouths because you are criticizing for the sake of criticizing. What plan have ANY OF YOU offered that meets or exceeds the one in Texas? Truth is none of you have one.


Bob Jenkins said...

Wow, really? I assumed this was a conservative site and not a vote for Perry cult like Ron Paul's group!

carol w said...

Mr. Bryant, you say that none of us have a plan for illegals much less their illegal children that go to our schools, but I beg to differ. We have a thing that is unique to all countries in the world and that is that we are a republic, in short we are a country of laws. Laws have been on the books to secure our borders for years, unfortunately the past 6 presidents or so have seen fit to ignore these laws and allow the situation to worsen to the point that it is now. Obama didn’t start the problem, so he surely won’t be the one to end it. We have seen him pick and choose what laws he actually wants to enforce and which ones he doesn’t.
I agree with you that we will never be secure until we lock down our borders, THAT is the problem not tuition for illegal children, they are merely a symptom of a broken system. You say it isn’t the child’s fault that their law breaking parents dragged them over the border. THE PARENT is the problem, the child is the symptom. You say why punish the child for the parent’s infraction of the law? I say why reward it?
You say that America has “invested” $40 to $80,000 in an illegal child’s education I ask you, what allowed that to occur in the first place? It is simple, a violation of the law. THE VIOLATION was the problem. Sinking money into a child that isn’t a citizen is the symptom.
The laws that are in place to fix the problems are being ignored Mr Bryant. To treat only the symptom is futile and will continue to be so. The state of Maryland I live in is 3 to 1 Democratic to Republican and yet the same bill as Texas came to our legislature. We have multiple sanctuary cities in our state and our Governor casts an understanding eye towards their existence. Despite all this the citizens of this state have forced this bad law to be placed on a referendum vote in the 2012 election by way of a petition. This means that democrats and republicans are insulted by its passing. The citizens of Maryland stood up to this law, Texas obviously didn’t, they were forced to settle for the progressive agenda rather than law enforcement.
Gov Perry makes it sound like he is the leader of the border states against illegal aliens, that in fact is not true, Gov Brewer of Arizona is the real leader supported by strong law enforcement. She offers results independent of lax federal support. Perry is nothing more than a weak kneed moderate bent on appealing to the masses rather than to the law. Ask yourself if what he is doing is aimed more at the masses (for reelection) or if he’s following the law.
I would suggest you rethink your ideas of fixing the symptom rather than fixing the problem.
p.s. Normally I think highly of your opinion, but this one defies even the most logical thinking.

Kevin said...

Really Bob? No offense but you sound like you are part of the Ron Paul possee. And your solution is.............

Carol, you stated your opinion nicely and with clarity. My question to you is: Since no president is likely to ever completely enforce the immigration laws that are on the books & no president is likely to ever completely secure the boarder, then what alternative PRO-ACTIVE steps can be taken that would be beneficial to the United States? Deporting 12 million illegals is not realistic. Having them here receiving free healthcare, public education, food stamps, subsidized housing, utilities and medicare - medicaid makes no sense but again, what president will ever TRULY enforce the laws on the books.

Give me a better solution to deal with the problem as it stands now. Feel free to chime in with a real solution here yourself Bob. What is the answer? Is the law in Texas perect, hell no. Not by any means is it perfect. Somewhere there is a better idea that makes more sense. I'm not too old and blind to realize that. We can all sit and complain about the problem like Rick Santorum did on stage, but what better solution did he offer? I agree 100%. ENFORCE THE LAWS ON THE BOOKS. However, since the government will never do that and deporting 12 million people is a waste of money because they will just return, what is a better option? Anyone?

republican patriot said...

Bob, this is a conservative site, it includes viewpoints from 4 very different conservatives from 4 different sections of the country. Do we all agree on solutions for our country? Not all the time, but all of us have a right to be heard, you need not agree with our view points just hear us out......Al

cary in catonsville said...

Rather than to rally around a candidate that rewards bad behavior, how about searching out a candidate that vows to uphold the law regardless of his personal views or political leaning? To assume that no President in the future will secure our borders is a self defeating attitude, we deserve better.

cary in catonsville said...

Interesting opposing view