Friday, September 2, 2011

Government Never Created Jobs

Government Never Created Jobs
Al Ritter

Government never created one single job without making itself larger. The Obama constantly touts itself as creating or saving jobs, but let’s investigate their claim. What exactly is a “saved job?” This term is thrown around loosely to make the Administration look better in the eyes of everyday Americans, but what does it mean? To claim a saved job in the Obama Administration normally means they gave some sort of business incentive to keep from laying people off, or temporarily sidestepped a rule or regulation that they first imposed on private business. They then claim that by doing so they “saved” that job, even though they were the ones that put that job in peril in the first place.

The figures came out today that America created NO jobs in August, and unemployment still stands at 9.1%. Obama still clings steadfast to the flawed notion that he is creating jobs. I still hold true to the idea that the government never creates a job that it can’t take away the next time the political winds change. Although government workers only account for 2% (2.7 million people) in the work force, the Administration thinks that somehow they can improve unemployment by adding to that work force. Even IF that were possible and the Administration were to double that number the effect on the unemployment figure would barely change. Hiring additional government employees’ only costs the citizens more in taxes.

Government can’t be the cause of hiring in the private sector. Offering a small business an incentive of $500 or $5000 to hire another employee is ludicrous without first having the need to hire them. Consumer confidence is the ONLY driving factor toward additional hiring. There has to be more customers coming through the door to hire more employees, not some token gesture by government.

We need an atmosphere conducive to business and yes…….here’s that dirty word to a liberal, capitalism. Capitalism is not a dirty word it is the thing that drove us as a country to greatness. It started the age of the Industrial Revolution it was the thing that drove America to be the leaders in the computer age, and Silicon Valley. To strangle our creativity by implementing new rules and regulations is counterproductive in the continued success of our country. Until an Administration sees the light, we shall continue down the tunnel of major failure.

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barb p said...

It is really a shame you won't run for office. What is so clear to you is totally 'blind' to our present government!