Monday, November 14, 2011

I Refuse to Be Ashamed of My National Flag

I Refuse to Be Ashamed of My National Flag
Al Ritter

It disappoints me to see a Federal Judge rule in favor of a school principal who demanded that a student turn his American Flag T-shirt inside out or go home during Cinco de Mayo in a California public school.

Since when is wearing the official flag of our country a “disruption?” The Judge even ruled that the disruption doesn’t even have to have occurred for the principal to claim that it will. Merely the fear that it can happen is the legal precedent to demand action?

This action was handed down unevenly illegal students were wearing Mexican Flag T-shirts but received no such demand to turn their shirts inside out, showing a clear bias. No students had complained that the display of the American Flag was disruptive, only the principal had made the decision.

We have become a nation of disgrace………..disgrace based on the ideology of the left, or of fear of litigation or maybe both. Why should we be “ashamed” of our flag, or afraid that its display could be construed as a disruption?

What have we become as a nation if it’s citizens can’t even show its collective pride?


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barb p said...

This seems to be the normal direction for now! I pray it will be temporary!!!

lora s said...

I never thought that I would live to see this destruction of our nation. The 'PC' of the left and the national media will be our downfall.