Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Frontrunner Emerges in Iowa

A New Frontrunner Emerges in Iowa
Al Ritter

Iowa signals a new start for one GOP candidate, and the end for another. I was telling people last week that Michelle Bachmann would be the next candidate to bow out of the race, but it appears that maybe Rick Perry might get added to that list sometime tomorrow as he reassesses his bid also. The one big star of the night was Rick Santorum.

Despite the fact that Santorum was reported at the bottom of the pack the last few months, his bid has blossomed at precisely the right time to end second place in the Iowa caucus by only 8 votes behind Romney. It’s nice to have a real choice between a real conservative and a moderate coming down to the wire. The people can really choose what they want to represent their party instead of letting the media pick their candidate for them.

Ron Paul says he’s happy with his finish last night, but you know he has to be disappointed in his dismal showing. My gut feeling tells me that after a few more caucuses you will see him pull out of the GOP race and run once again as a libertarian.

Gingrich I am afraid is hanging on by the skin of his teeth too. Organizational problems, money problems, and a faltering base may signal the end to his run shortly also, only time will tell.

Huntsman? Well what can you say about Huntsman? He was there, just barely coming in dead last, one has to wonder how much longer he can endure last place polling before throwing in his hat.

It was an interesting night to say the least…….now comes New Hampshire!


kevin bryant said...

Just by saying the word "reassessing", Rick Perry may have sunk his own boat. He has the money and organization to outlast Bachmann, Huntsman & Grngrich, but when he said "reassessing" he might have committed political suicide. He certainly failed Political Speaking 101.

barb p said...

It really was interesting, and I have to admit Rick Santorums' position in the caucus surprised me! It

will be interesting to watch New Hampshire and then South Carolina....