Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back to Basics

Back To Basics
Kevin Bryant 

When a team isn’t hitting, or fielding or tackling or making free throws, what is the first thing the coach says? Usually it’s something about going back and practicing the basics of the game. Your child is having problems with algebra like I did, go back to the basics. It seems simple I theory but in reality sometimes it’s a royal pain to put into practice. We get so caught up in the way we put our own little spin on things that we just can’t seem to let them go, slow down and be willing to start over.  

Have you ever had a new boss who comes in and the first thing they want to do is change the way things are done? Doesn’t matter if it’s the processes you use or the contractors and vendors you have always used. Sometimes it’s the brand of coffee in the break-room because he or she likes something different. Welcome to the United States Government 

The government has gotten so far off the track of what it is and how it’s supposed to operate that those who grew up in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s don’t even recognize it. The great equalizer of big oppressive government is supposed to be the supreme court, but as we have witnessed over the past couple of decades is even they have forgotten what their specific role in government is.  

There is no magic reset button we can hit. There is no quick fix to right a stray government. It will take a generation to fix all that is wrong with government, and the only way to fix it is to return it back to the basics of what it was meant to be.

Lawyers make up almost all of congress and almost all the presidents we have had over the last century. Go back 200 years ago and who do you find in those positions of power? You have land owners, merchants, businessmen, farmers, ranchers ………..the actual job creators. Anyone who tells you government is not a business is only fooling themselves. The U.S. Government is the biggest business enterprise in the world. Lawyers don’t run business, they regulate business. Lawyers don’t work the land, they regulate its usage. Putting a lawyer in charge of the government is closely related to putting prisoners in charge of the prison.

Justice Roberts the other day described accurately how to get the government back to basics, you fire the people in place and you hire new ones. The federal government refuses to regulate itself. It refuses to abide by the laws it creates yet holds us accountable when we act just like them .…. the lawyers. Lawyers were meant to interpret and defend the law, not make the law. Vote every one of them out of office.

Resetting the government back to basics will take a minimum of 24 years. America needs to be united and committed if they want their country back from the lawyers who control it. Lawyers are referred to as snakes for a reason. This should not be a conservative or a liberal idea but an American idea. Who is better suited to teach your children, someone committed to teaching children because it is their passion or someone who does it but is committed to the teacher’s union? Who is better to take in money, account for the money and spend the money, accountants, business leaders and economist or lawyers? Who is better to decide the path of a business like the government, a CEO or a lawyer?  

We all need to dedicate 2012 as the beginning of getting back to basics and taking our government back and the best way to start is taking it out of the hands of the lawyers who control it.


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We allowed our leaders to put themselves into these money making 'seats'...not
watch out for the people who voted them into office. Who can fire them???? I
would love to think we can still turn 'this' around, but honestly...I don't see
it happening. The people in power are not going to let us take that power back!
Very negative I know. We have dug a hole so deep and never even thought to build
a way out...