Monday, July 2, 2012

Groups Obama Does Not Like

Groups Obama Does Not Like
Kevin Bryant 

There are not too many people in America that Obama likes. You never see him golf (100 rounds and counting) with anyone but his close knit circle members. Dick Cheney may have shot his friend but at least he has friends to hang out with.  

Obama doesn’t like white middle class America. David Axelrod stated on the Sunday talk shows some time back that the Obama campaign was not going to try and go after white working class America. I wonder why? Since Obama has taken office, the value of my house has dropped roughly 23%. My gross household income has dropped 42% and my disposable income as dropped over 70%. All this and I am one of the lucky ones, I can still afford (barely) to make my house payments and all the bills that come with ownership.

Obama doesn’t like Hispanics. Not a single member of his inner circle is Hispanic? Not one member of his cabinet is Hispanic. Not one of his 30 something czars were Hispanic. Carter, Reagan, Bush 41 & 43 and Clinton all had Hispanics either in their inner circle or as members of their cabinet. He proved this when he signed his executive order granting what truly is amnesty to all those here illegally between the age of 18 & 30. He basically told those who are here illegally, “You people are suckers for going though the system”. If I were a legal immigrant I would be totally ticked off for rewarding those didn’t come here legally while I invested time, money and effort to do what was right.  

Obama doesn’t like lower middle class and poor blacks. If he did, he wouldn’t allow those here illegally to take jobs away from you. Blacks have the highest unemployment rate of all and the gap has actually increased between blacks and whiles since Obama took office.  

Obama absolutely hates Christians & Jews. This so called war on women is actually a war on Christianity. Obama calls himself a Christian but takes “Separation of Church & State” to mean “Total Separation of Christian Churches From State”. To hell with Catholics, to hell with Jews, to hell with Protestants, but according to Obama we must not offend the Muslims or the Islamic religion. It might cause bad relations between our nations. I thing, 9/11, burning of American flags and bibles, the killing of innocent Christians and a host of other terrorist attacks on non-Muslims already did that.  

Obama HATES the Constitution. On multiple occasions before he took office, he has stated the constitution gets in the way of government. “Hey Obama, that’s what it is supposed to do”. Since taking office, he has circumvented it, ignored it, insulted it and dismissed it. The once self proclaimed constitutional scholar gets infuriated when anyone mentions that he, his ideology and the office he holds is not more powerful than the laws of this land of the constitution that this country is founded on.

The only things that put a sparkle in his eyes is power, money, power, socialism, power, communism, power, obedience from others, power, expanding the Muslim faith, power, marginalizing Christianity and the constitution and last but not least, power. Look at his eyes when he talks about the power of the office of president and his kids. His eyes don’t light up nearly as much when he talks about his kids.


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