Friday, June 29, 2012

Obamacare confirmed by Conservative Chief Justice

Obamacare confirmed by Conservative Chief Justice
Al Ritter 

Chief Justice John Roberts is a turncoat? He had to know that Kagen should have recused her own vote but refused. Why did he turn his back on the majority of America and the very party that elected him? 

I am shocked and dumbfounded as well as the majority of Americans who wanted this travesty repealed. What swayed the conservative Chief Justice to ignore the stick in the eye that Obama and his cronies have constantly poked in the last three years? Constant violations of the Constitution haven’t been enough for this jurist? Forget the fact that he is the lead Supreme Court Judge, wouldn’t he already know that Justice Kagen was the solicitor general and had argued the case FOR Obamacare on the Whitehouse side and SHOULD have recused herself in this matter. 

He had to know that by not recusing herself the Obama Administration would already have a handicap in favor of the issue! 

He voiced his concern about taking money from Medicare, but yet basically gave his ok………….really?......Why would he do such a thing? Basically it appears that either the liberals have gained another vote…..OR….his vote was for sale plain and simple! 

We are sunk America! Unless Romney pledges to revoke this law in some way or shape the voters have now been denied what they want to the whims and wants of one Supreme Court justice and the senate.

Face it folks, unless we take the senate by a decisive margin, it makes NO difference what the Congress votes to repeal this heinous law it WILL stand! Our only saving grace would be Romney, but his pledge to repeal Obamacare will fall on deaf ears..not sure if he can repeal it by Executive Order or not….I KNOW he can’t veto it after the fact……it’s time for the law experts to step forward and tell us about the options! Judge Napolitano……….what say you?

Lacking any further explaintion I have to ask Chief Justice Robert............what IS the cost of a vote of a Supreme Court Chief Justice these days?


barb p said...

This truly has made me sick Al...I sure hope and pray Romney does whatever is necessary to
stop this ASAP! I am honestly in shock!!!

bud s said...