Friday, June 22, 2012


Al Ritter 

Ok Ok, I’ll admit it, I’ve been a slacker! I have been occupied working on my house lately, and to be honest I’ve been pretty disgusted with what I’ve been reading about Obama and his band of criminals surrounding the Whitehouse. This whole stonewalling from the Whitehouse on the investigation of “Operation Fast and Furious” in which Holder has lied several times on whose watch this program was created is totally infuriating to me. 

As of today he has refused to supply 70% of the subpoenaed materials. It would be one thing if it was true that Darrel Issa were on a witch hunt, but the facts remain that he IS the standing chairman and investigative head to monitor illegal and questionable actions of government. The death of a border agent is anything BUT a witch hunt! It’s past time (over a year) and the Terry family has no closure and even fewer answers about who or who’s responsible for their son’s death. 

Holder basically begged Obama to invoke Executive Privilege to keep 70% of those documents hidden. Holder tried to craft a deal with Issa to provide him with information (spoken) but not the actual documents subpoenaed material with the return promise to drop the entire investigation! Issa declared there was a no deal and moved to level a Congressional Contempt charge vote as early as next week. 

Even bipartisan members want answers, and they will surely get them at some point. If the Congress levels a vote of contempt of congress, the next move will be to have him criminally charged. Whether or not this gets that far, one can bet that not only is Holder’s position in question, his entire future livelihood be in question.  

The $64,000 question is why did Obama step in and not only involve himself in this controversy, but invoke Executive Privilege when the information requested didn’t involve National Security issues? Democratic pundits seem to think that this won’t make a bit of difference in the November election. I disagree…..I think the closer we get to the election people will remember his most recent lies and cover-ups. If you add this HUGE misstep to all the past lies……………and if the Supreme Court shoots down Obamacare and upholds Arizona’s SB 1070, you will see a real game changer as some of his base will surely erode, and some of those “undecideds” vote to unseat him! 

Soon I will be back in full force for November, but until then, keep your powder dry, and ready the pitchforks!


Kevin Bryant said...

Just another prime example of Obama's contempt for the people

Grant Burmer said...

Issa seems to be the only one in Congress with the guts to put the full press on Holder and Obama, with some exceptions I wish the entire Congress would be so bold. Like you this entire affair is infuriating to me. Those who continue to support Obama and his ADM should be shot for treason-----after waterboarding them.

bud s said...


turk182 said...

I have really quit trying to figure our Obama and his merry bunch of thieves, they all need a
5x7 jail cell!