Friday, June 8, 2012

46 + 46 = 8

46 + 46 = 8
Kevin Bryant 

President Obama is going to receive 46% of the vote in the general election no matter what happens. Governor Romney is going to receive 46% of the vote so long has he doesn’t do anything stupid. 

8% of the US population will decide who the next president will be and many have yet to make up their mind. It amazes me that the election will be decided by a relatively few people but it doesn’t surprise me at all. What amazes me is the reason why some of these people will vote the way they are going to. President Obama is going to have people voting for him because they want to continue getting their government handouts. Some will vote for him simply because he is black. Still others will vote for him because they don’t like George Bush (some people are so stupid they shouldn’t be allowed to vote). Yep, a guy on the radio the other day stated he was voting for Obama because he doesn’t want to see Bush back in office.  Romney will get votes for valid and stupid reasons as well.

No, I’m not surprised about the 8%. What does surprise me is how far apart the other 92% of the people are. This country has almost been ripped in half over the last 3 & ½ years. We have seen race warfare, class warfare, sexual orientation warfare, the war on women, the war on business, the war on the wealthy, war on the middle class, the war on taxes, the war on the TEA party, the war on what is and isn’t a real grass roots movement, the war on the constitution, the war on individual rights, the war to keep government out of our bedrooms…….and this list can keep going to fill this entire page. 

What I fail to understand is why on earth do we keep sending people to Washington who either wage these idiotic wars or idly sit by and allow them to happen instead of standing up and say with conviction “We are here to represent the people and the people are sick and tired of all this”.  

We the people of the United States formed this government. We the people elected those idiots in Washington (what the hell were we thinking) to represent us. I don’t believe in a democracy where the general population gets to decide everything. I do believe in a representative form of government but wake up because “we the people” aren’t being represented except by a small handful of the 535 members of congress who are supposed to represent us. We need to clean house from the top down. Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, Clyburn and Cantor, yes indeed, get rid of all them. More importantly though clean out the white house from the top down.    

You really want to know why the 8% doesn’t surprise me. I really had a hard time in 08 voting for McCain. The more I studied him, the less I liked. What my vote came down to was the fact that I thought McCain wouldn’t stomp all over the constitution with as much excitement as Obama. What I didn’t see coming was Obama not only stomping on it but then ripping it up and wiping his butt with it. 

As I stated before, I am not a Romney fan but I will vote for him this time around. If in 3 years he has not impressed me, back into the 8% I go.


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