Thursday, September 13, 2012

Are You Safer Now Then You Were 4 Years Ago?

Are You Safer Now Then You Were 4 Years Ago?
Al Ritter 

Barack Obama seemed concerned 4 years ago about how the world viewed us after 9/11 and the end of the Bush Administration. Today the picture is very different, the President has pandered to the “Arab World” and surprisingly or not, nothing much has changed. Obviously President Obama’s “hope and change” campaign didn’t impress the Muslim nations, and why would it?
Warring factions within their own religion swear violence within their own people. Violence as we know it has no bounds in the Islamic religion, the murder continues unabated throughout the world. Obama continually claims that Islam isn’t our enemy and yet terrorism by Islamic terrorists continues at a scale unfathomable just 12 years ago. We are no safer than we were just 4 years ago, in fact the world is a far more dangerous place to live.
Civilized people see discourse voiced in the way of protests. Muslims see discourse voiced in the way of murder. Disagree with the western world lop the head off a Jewish reporter and show it brazenly to the media. People on the left see the world through rose colored glasses and through politically correct eyes and encourage coexistence and patience. Meanwhile in the real world people are dying because the enemy hides amongst us and pretends to be our friend further entrenching the militants into our society.
Ambassador Christopher Stevens had a utopian view of the world stage and trusted Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton………..he thought world peace was obtainable. The problem was that he was Ambassador in one of the world’s worst Islamic hot spots of the world. The pictures of his dragged corpse are hard to take and the politically correct factions in America say “take those pictures off Facebook we are better than that.” Unfortunately the path we have chosen to this point so far has yielded the result we got yesterday………..death to the civilized world. The pictures are hard to take yes, but they are yet a grim reminder that the rest of the world doesn’t play by our rules.
So the question is……do we continue to placate the barbarian attitudes of the Middle East or do we fight back? Do we continue down the path of allowing the Muslim World to set our foreign policy? Hillary merely repeated the same old talking point that liberals have used since Carter………….”it’s just a few people that perpetrated this crime.” Or do we actually stand up for something and say……….”it’s NOT ok to indiscriminately kill people.” And furthermore, future actions like this will be met with swift and deadly force.
America is tired of being the punching bag of the world we are tired of the demands in the UN of 56 Muslim controlled countries. We scoff at the appointment of Muslim countries to the UN Human Rights Commissions. Regardless whether or not they are radical extremists or run of the mill Muslims, they exemplify EVERY human rights violation possible.
We NEED new leadership in this country, one that sides with Israel, one that recognizes human rights violations when they see it. We need one that recognizes the sanctity of life, and one that respects everyone equally not just the Islamic people.



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barb p said...

, something that really amazes me is the many people I have talked to about "our"
situation, feels the same way we do. Maybe the only people I associate with are
Republicans or Conservatives. I hear people talking openly about how bad things are
and the only solution is to vote Obama out! I truly pray we are the majority! We
are living in a very 'dangerous' country today, an we need to act NOW! I really appreciate
all the time you have taken to help keep me/others informed. I have always been very patriotic but
never politically 'informed'...not on your level by any means. My second husband was very informed and I miss his 'mind'...his intelligence. So...thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Kevin Bryant said...

We are anything but safer. The left view Obama sending warships and marines to the area after the attacks have already been made as "Bold Leadership". I see it as "Monday Morning Quarterbacking". I am afraid 4 more years of Obama will bring a scale of attacks on U.S. embassis and assets greater than during the Carter or Clinton years.