Friday, September 21, 2012

Dear Patriots:

Dear Patriots:

Speaking as an American and former Vietnam Veteran the events of the last week have sickened me to the core. Our gutless, Muslim sympathizer of a President, Yes, You Barack Hussain Obama, should be, at the very least be Impeached, and preferably tried for treason against the United States.

Barack Hussain Obama is no more, no less than guilty of violating his Oath of Office under the Constitution. He swore an Oath to “Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” He has done nothing but piss on our Constitution from the beginning.

I am calling upon my representatives and the United States Senate to take action in these regards. If they have not the fortitude, the courage, or love of country to do this, they along with Obama are equally complicit in the Death of Ambassador Chris Stevens - killed earlier this week when the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya occurred. This was no less than a terrorist act of war perpetrated upon American soil by Radical Islamist’s, and Egyptians, along with similar acts of terror played out in other American Embassies around the world since by these same entities.

All political correctness aside, Obama’s apology tours, blaming a movie, a presidential candidate, going on David Letterman’s show as an excuse for not meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister, are appalling examples of ineptitude, all disrespectful acts, that mock the highest office of our Land, they should anger most all true Citizens of America.

I am calling upon my friends to send this message to their representatives, as I am; I would hope this message would go viral. I know many like you are outraged by our President, as well as many in the Democratic Party who condone, or try to spin what is in truth, a cowardly display or attempt at appeasement, and apologies at the highest levels of Government. Shame on them!!!!!!!!!!! Damn them to Hell. Barack Hussain Obama is the most disgraceful President America has ever experienced; he deserves throughout future generations to be remembered as such.


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Dick P said...

l vote for you.

Q.D.T. said...

Great one Grant. I agree with the impeachment; and I also called for it in my letter which is to be published in the Towson Times Wednesday (26th). Understand there are also a couple of court affiliated organizations which are going to make an official appeal to the Supreme Court. However in my book, the majority of the members of the SC are liberals, so you will be barking up a "dead" tree.

barb p said...

I completely agree! My fear is have we let this go on far too long? The Muslim population has grown so
rapidly not only in our country, but in our allies countries also! We really need to get a good foot hold and start
doing something 'serious' to combat this enemy NOW!!!