Friday, October 26, 2012

12 Days

Kevin Bryant 

12 days from me writing this, the general election will be in full swing. Myself, and I hope each and every person reading this will cast their vote for the next President of the United States. For regular old fashion conservatives like me, the choice is clear as to which candidate to vote for. For those new to the conservative world, thanks is great part by the actions of the current administration, realize we cannot and must not remain on the path we are currently going down, so too the choice is clear.  

What I doubt will happen, but is possible, those grassroots conservatives (Tea Party) who are unhappy with the choice of the GOP candidate, may decide to stay home because not voting for Romney may override their passion to oust Barack Obama. All those I know that are conservative by nature but are unhappy with Romney as a candidate, I have tried my best to persuade them to go and cast their votes. Unfortunately, I fear my daughter and her boyfriend still feel as though it’s not worth their time to vote though they both have felt Obama’s worsening economy hit their household.  

Romney may be in the lead but with 12 days to go anything can happen. We all know Obama doesn’t play by the unofficial conventional rules as all have played by for centuries. In 2007-2008 and even more so in 2012, we have witnessed the most disgusting, mean spirited campaigns waged against Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney. Lies after lies have been told by Obama and his campaign and administrative staffs for 5 years now. Almost all those lies have been hailed as truth by many in the mainstream media. Lies that have millions of seniors believing the GOP wants to end their Medicare and Social Security. Lies that have millions of young adults (and those soon to be young adults) believing the federal government is the answer for everything and to move America forward, even more power must be taken away from the states and the population as a while for the betterment of the country and create one central power.  

If this race was taking place not in 2012 but in 1972, Obama would lose this election worse than George McGovern did. If this race was taking place in 1984 instead of today, Obama would lose and likely not even win that one lone state like Michael Dukakis did. McGovern was a good and honorable man when he was alive and Dukakis still is a good and honorable man. They didn’t lose because of who they were; they lost because of their ideas for the future of America. If Obama wins this election, it’s not because of his vision for America. If Obama wins, it’s because there are not enough independent, free thinking Americans left who have not made up their minds to realize America can’t afford 4 more years of Obama.  

Talk to your kids. If you can convince them that Romney is the better choice, Romney will stand a good chance of becoming our 45th President and we won’t have to wait until 2016 see #45. If you can convince your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews that Romney is a better choice for America, each one of them stand a good chance of convincing another young adult not to vote for Obama, but vote for their own futures. Those disgruntled grassroots conservatives too may be persuaded to vote by you or perhaps your kids and grandkids. Anything is possible. 

12 days until the election. I still don’t feel secure in a Romney victory and neither should any of you.  


barb p said...

I WISH I could disagree with Kevin, but I am really concerned about the people who won't bother to vote for Romney. No vote is a vote for Obama!!! I hope and pray Obama is on his way OUT!

Ron Boat said...

Kevin, since running into Al I've had a chance to catch up on some previous posts. This one was certainly a predictor of things to come (or not come).

I fear for America as the last four years will only be a fairytale compared to the lies, deceit, corruption andevastationon that this current occupant has in mind for our country. Here's hoping we can survive long enough to have the strength and opportunity to fight back.