Monday, November 5, 2012

Four Years of Wasted Opportunity

Four Years of Wasted Opportunity
Al Ritter
Here I sit in the last two days before the election feeling cautiously optimistic of the outcome on Tuesday. For the last 6 years I have devoted my time to writing some 1700 article on the destructive path that the left has taken to “fundamentally transform” our country. I must admit that I have been missing in action the last few months, but my conservative pals Kevin and Grant, have filled my shoes admirably.
My anger over that silent period has grown to the point that if I wrote anything it would have make me look as though I contracted Tourette’s Syndrome over those inactive months. I find it curious how the Democrats can blindly follow a President that constantly lies, and a Senate leader that not only doesn’t lead but refuses to follow the letter of the law and submit a budget! They are both narcissistic megalomaniacs that are not only divisive but totally hypocritical. Past speeches by both Obama and Reid have shown them in their own words condemning G.W.Bush for the very same thing they are doing now…..except they are doing it even more to excess!
I find it shocking and sad that the first Black President of the United States has chosen not only divide America into black and white, but has decided to instruct his Attorney General to pick and choose cases based on race rather than the law. I think that white America has seen this administrations inclination to divide America based on race alone. It seems sad to me that the gains that were made in the race relations area of the 60’s have been largely undone by this President. I think race relations have suffered the largest setback due mainly to Obama’s policies.
The Economy: ……good lord where do I start? The massive increase in the debt way over and above Bush’s “mess he inherited” has gone wildly out of control! Even Obama himself has claimed that the debt is “non-sustainable” and yet he keeps adding to it. The idea that you have to spend money to get the economy has gone to the extreme that every logical thinking person thinks the premise is laughable. Harry Reid absolutely refuses to follow the law and keep raising the debt ceiling without so much as submitting a budget in the last almost four years now, he either needs to step down as speaker and hand the reins to a more moderate democrat will to actually work for a living……..or he needs to be forcibly removed. Either way I seriously hope Romney has a plan on how to deal with him!
Security of our country: Obama and Hillary Clinton have been responsible for grievous breeches in security over the killing of Osama Bin Laden and also the Benghazi situation. The outing of Seal team Six was a death warrant to them and also their families. A Seal Team Six NATO Helicopter was specifically targeted and shot down killing 22 operators in Afghanistan. After the killing of Bin Laden Obama gave permission to have Hollywood producers and directors special access to not only sensitive areas of the Whitehouse but also sensitive details that are still considered to be top secret and haven’t been released to the public, yet the Hollywood elite that haven’t gotten security clearances have this information. All to make a Whitehouse propaganda film!
Operation Fast and Furious: All conservatives feel that Operation Fast and Furious was done to actually put guns in the hands of the Mexican cartel after Hillary misspoke in her first year as Secretary of State position when she claimed that 90% of all guns involved Cartel murders were purchased here in the United States. That was proven as wild exaggeration and so proof had to be offered….enter “Fast and Furious.” Liberals tried to put their best spin on the situation by once again claiming that it was a program started under George Bush which it was not. Fast and Furious was enacted by Obama in 2009 and has been nothing more than a program to put dangerous weapons in the hands of drug cartels to make it easier to pass gun legislation through either the UN or to repeal the second amendment…plain and simple. Obama, Clinton and Holder have direct blood on their hands from this debacle.
Obamacare: Passed under the cloak of darkness as a bill not considered under the law to be a “tax” therefore was considered as a reconciliation vote rather than a tax vote which would have required a 2/3 vote. When argued in the Supreme Court the vote’s legality it was never questioned only it’s worthiness to be called a tax. Judge Roberts entered his majority ruling based on the fact it was a tax. How can this be overturned now if Romney is elected? Who really knows at this point, but for an actual repeal in legislature it’s my feeling it would take a 2/3 vote in the senate to get it done.
Public Investment: When did this start? As far as my old mind works it started about three years ago when Obama’s war on any fossil fuel started. He offered grants and loans to PRIVATE companies from taxpayer money, to subsidize green energy projects he felt that important to his agenda. 90 billion has been thrown away as is now non recoverable as this companies have declared bankruptcy. To put things into perspective the damages from Hurricane Sandy are extensive but are reported to only be in the 10 to 20 billion dollar area. Those are real expenses that need real money not some poorly thought out investment idea.
Jobs: Obama’s policies have been a miserable failure in this area. President Clinton in 1993 signed a welfare reform act that formally took recipients off the unemployed roles once their benefits run out to make himself look better. The sad part is that once unemployment benefits were increased in duration the damage became more pronounced. President Obama claims he created 5.5 million jobs but the actual figures by governmental agencies are saying it has been closer to a 345,000 figure.
I could go on all day about Obama’s failed policies, but the sad part is, he wanted this job, he campaigned to get it and spend lots of money to be in the leader’s seat. What has never done is except responsibility of his actions and policies, instead blaming the last person in charge. Now he wants four more years to inflict damage on the American people in the way of failed policies. I am convinced this man could stand in the middle of Pennsylvania Ave. and murder 10 kittens on national TV and the media wouldn’t even cover it, his talking heads would deny it, and his followers would never even research it! I am convinced that politicians are right………….40% of America IS STUPID!.............Good luck tomorrow Mitt Romney, let’s bring the country back from the edge of the cliff!


barb p said...

Al your writing so needs to be published, I wish you would have sent it to papers as "Letters to the Editor".
Your writing is so honest and easily read and understood. At the very least , please put this on Facebook. I
wish this could be mandatory reading for all!

I have to attend a community meeting tonight. I am getting ready to leave. I have just got on the computer a
short time ago and thoroughly enjoyed reading YOUR words! Thank you for sharing them Al!! Hopefully this
will be the last full night we will have to hope and pray that Obama is on his way OUT!!!!

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kevin bryant said...

I purposely waited until after the election to respond to this. I don't understand America. Do people really not care what happens to this country? Do they not know that the "BAD" things about Obamacare and Dodd-Frank as well as many of those executive orders were bad loaded so as to not take effect until 2014? Does America know they voted for 8% unemployment (real unemployment around 21%) to be the new standard? I only hope it stays around 8%. I fear it will more like 12 or 13% Do they not realize they voted to have $5.00 a gallon gas by next summer and likely $7.50 a gallon by 2015? We are about to see inflation hit levels that will far exceed that of Jimmy Carter. Do they not know they just voted themselves a $3000 health insurance increase? Do they not realize they have taken the greatest superpower on the planet and will likely have it ranking behind China and Russia by 2016? Do they know they effectively killed the coal industry? They kissed the Keystone pipeline goodbye. They placed the EPA, HHS and the U.N. at the top of all law making here in the U.S. ahead of the congress. We could have recovered from 4 years of Obama. America CAN'T undo the next 4 years. November 6th, 2012 - Obama won an election and America lost it's soul.