Monday, November 19, 2012

Yes We Did

Yes We Did
Kevin Bryant 

I don’t ever remember hearing Obama say he was going to shut down multiple coal fired power plants in Pennsylvania and Ohio immediately after the election. I sure HOPE that the people in southern Ohio and Pennsylvania still have a little CHANGE left over once their power bills increase by an estimated 30% to 35%. I also don’t remember him stating he was going to close off another 1 million plus acres to drilling, so much for oil independence.  

The coal fired power plants in PA and OH and more land grabbing are just the beginning. In the next 4 years Americans are REALLY going to get exactly what they voted for; higher taxes on everyone, not just those making over $250,000 a year. Cap and Trade will be implemented in the coming 4 years. The second amendment will be bypassed and U.N. gun control measures will be in force. Higher gas prices are coming as the EPA pushes more mandates and the government seizes more oil and natural gas rich lands.  

Obama has more people to pay back this election cycle than he did the last time. Watch as more of our tax dollars go to “green energy”, union bosses and money bundlers. Watch for a $1 Trillion dollar stimulus package this time in the name of “boosting the economy”.  

Of course he will also have to pay off his biggest supporters…… welfare recipients. I want to say that there are those out there that do need help while they are trying to get work and help themselves attain a better life for their families. There are also those who legitimately have disabilities that prevent them from working. My comments are NOT directed at those people. 

Obama has to pay off the welfare babies for their unwavering support. Nothing irritates me more than having to pay for welfare babies. Who exactly is a welfare baby? Welfare babies are those who are capable of working yet refuse to find a job because they know the government is going to spend an average $60,000 per welfare baby household so they can live comfortably. I HATE WELFARE BABIES. These loafers don’t pay taxes on their welfare yet I make less than $60,000 a year and do pay taxes. Welfare babies have $1000 TV’s, I can’t afford one. Many of them have $2000 rims and $1000 set of tires on their 2008 – 2012 full size SUV’s. I can’t afford the SUV much less $2000 rims and the $1000 dollar tires. An extreme amount of these beast feeding government nipple suckling individuals wear over a grand in watches and jewelry and have between 2 & 5 THOUSAND dollars worth of tattoos plastered all over themselves. Many of these useless drains on the system people are second and third generation welfare babies. We have allowed our government to produce these non-producing, non tax-paying leeches to grow up expecting those working to provide for them. TAX THEIR WELFARE, NOT MY MILITARY PENSION. I worked, sweated and sacrificed more during those 23 years just for that little bit of money than these social rejects will ever do in their lifetime. Tax their lazy butts and see how they like it. I bet they would not have voted for Obama if they actually had to pay into the system instead of being a drain on it. Mandate those that can work to clean roadsides, creeks, vacant lots to EARN our tax dollars and I bet they would be looking for a real job pretty quick.   

Another thing America gets to look forward to, more urban improvement projects. We are going to spend enormous amounts of tax dollars fixing up the government owned housing where these welfare babies reside. Statistics show over 90% of government owned or leased housing returns to its previous condition within 3 years of renovation. I say screw them and put the money into senior citizen owned houses that need fixing. There is a difference between refusing to take care of what you have and not able to take care of what you have. Why should we help pay for upkeep and renovations on our parents and grandparents houses and then have to pay for renovating some welfare baby’s residence because they refuse to take care of the place. I know, how about these welfare babies renovate our poor and elderly homeowner’s houses under the supervision of a qualified general contractor. This way we don’t have to pay for expensive contractors to come in and do it. Saves everyone money.  

More money will be used in the next 4 years to take care of welfare babies than will be used to care for the elderly and the veterans of this country combined. America, this is what you voted for. Don’t cry foul when this administration takes more and more from you to give to those they owe.


grant burmer said...

This is so true.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

bud s said...

For the life of me...I cannot believe how we let this happen!!!!!!

bud s said...


grant burmer said...

Would it not it be a gem if we could say “I refuse to pay Federal taxes this year” Wish we could mobilize a large enough segment the USA to do that. Speaking of Welfare Babies, I work in the medical field, Many of the Welfare Babies come from out of state because CA is so liberal here compared to other states. It would make you sick (er) to live here. I could not believe CA voted for more taxes on themselves but they did. Sad Sad bunch of idiots. I have been encouraging my grandchildren to leave CA after School.

republican patriot said...

It could always be worse Grant, you could live in Rhode Island or Maryland!

ed k said...

A lot of those sentiments are shared by myself. But I would also like to see 1 more thing enacted. If you are on welfare then you don't get to vote!