Friday, November 9, 2012

Lost Faith

Lost Faith
Kevin Bryant 

The election is over and Obama has won a second term. 12 years ago, America would not have elected Barack Obama president much less even re-elected him with the shape America is in now. Obama spent 4 years blaming everything on George Bush and the Republican Party. Who is he going to blame now? 

When FOX news had the returns at 163 to 163, I knew right then with certainty that Obama was going to win re-election. It was right then that I lost my faith in the American people. It was also right then that I felt an overwhelming desire in my stomach to get sick and I did.  

We have gone from a nation of people that strives to succeed to a nation of people that wants success handed to them like it is owed to them somehow. Just writing this, I again have that sickening feeling in my stomach. I know America could have erased the effects of 4 years of Obama in office. We can’t erase the damage now. Everyone that voted for Obama sold their freedom, their rights and the soul of America to the government for a free handout. The problem is, those handouts aren’t free. Someone has to pay for them.  

Every great republic throughout history sold the soul of their country and their own freedoms for a slice of the treasury because they felt they were entitled. November 6th, 2012 America joined those nations.  

I don’t want to see what the future holds for America because history time and again has already showed us, Rome, Great Britain, France, Greece, the list goes on and on. America will survive another 4 years of an Obama presidency but she will never again be the economic leader of the world or have the world’s greatest military. We will no longer see people wanting to come to America to be treated for their medical conditions and we will see Americans going overseas for treatments they used to get here, as long as they can afford it. 

The majority of our laws will no longer come from those we elected to represent us. Our laws will come from the Department of Health and Human Services, the will come from Environmental Protection Agency and most of all, they will come from the United Nations. Yes, the U.N. already has climate change treaties drawn up and the Law of the Sea Treaty just waiting for an eager Obama to sign. The U.N. in conjunction with the EPA will mandate cap –n- trade and the U.N. is already set to impose taxes on all of us to pay for them in accordance with their treaty and the EPA. Rationing of healthcare will start almost immediately once Obamacare fully kicks in because there won’t be enough money to pay for it.  

No, America sold out for an additional 6 weeks of unemployment benefits, a free cell phone, union auto manufacturing jobs that are already set to go overseas & to South America.  

I have faith in God. I have faith in family. I have faith in my friends. I lost my faith in the American government in 1988 and now in 2012, I have lost faith in the majority of the American people. When, if ever you, the masses that traded our national soul so you can have a free Obama phone decide you made a mistake and wish to fight once again for your rights and your freedoms, maybe I’ll help, maybe I’ll be living in South America by then, who knows.  

What I do know is, I have no faith in 51% of the American people and I will no longer fight for your rights and your freedoms. You sold out our country and our way of life and if you don’t care about our nation, why the hell should I care about you.


barb p said...

I am sad to say that I have lost faith also! We have become a Nation of "take"...

bud s said...


republican patriot said...

Then they win Bud!