Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear Patriots:

Dear Patriots:

William G. Burmer

Here I am staring at a blank page with a deluge of thoughts racing through my mind regarding this past election and other related events wondering; What to Say? My wife has turned off the TV, radio and stopped reading the paper. She is outraged by the “Monday morning quarterbacking” by the same commentators as before the election filling the air with their swill of shouda, cuda, wouda their words lacking any true foundation, reason, or solutions. I am cynical enough to believe that George Soros and his billions had something to do with the Election outcome; I also believe that the truth of it will eventually show its twisted tentacle’s.
We are lectured that elections have consequences. Where are the consequences for treason, swearing an oath falsely, lying to the American public, usurping Congress’s role as law maker via executive orders, supporting foreign governments (IE the UN) against the Laws of the United States of America? At the very least President Obama should be impeached, followed by disallowing him any benefits of office after impeachment. 
It is clear there is nothing revealing, nothing encouraging, indeed nothing coming from any of the news sources, or poles, that is not already known or suspected. All commentary seems to be bent on compromise, or capitulation; none of which appeals to any of us who have an abiding love of Country and our Constitution.
Indeed, principle and character are lacking in most of the news media, the GOP overall and missing altogether from the DNC as it pertains too many of our elected leadership currently residing in Washington D.C. Each would do well to (at a minimum) consider getting back to basics. By this I mean, reading our history our legacy as a nation, and abiding the Constitution and honoring their oath of office. Objectively this is the only real solution to our nation's dilemma under the reign of OBAMA. I personally despise this man like I despise Satan himself.
On one hand Politics has become a dirty word, especially so today for those who have ears to hear and eyes that see. It reeks of back door dealing, bribery, debauchery of law, money and power over the people, rather than being public servants of the people. On the other hand there are a seemingly increasing majority of citizens who are in need of a large dose of education. These folks need to have their blood filtered by dialysis to rid themselves of the freebie, gimme, and entitlement toxins infecting their minds, bodies and souls.
When I consider what our founders went through to create what is America and its Constitution, seem pretty academic. Their beginnings were not unlike the divisions we struggle with as seen the last four years. There was the Loyalist who did not want any change in the colonies as they existed under King George III, during the Revolution, as they a owed their jobs to the King. There were the Tories who supported the idea of independence but opposed war with England; both would be classed as “Today’s Moderates” leaning towards counterrevolution, classicism, unionism, liberalism and monarchism. Today their ideology is called Progressivism, this makes them feel less like the Communists they truly are.
Finally there were the Colonists who desired separation from England and the King, those patriots such as George Washington, Nathan Hale, and Ben Franklin who became a part of Americas Founders, who won our independence from England and created a constitutional limited government. Today they would be classed as Conservatives, Tea Party members, and capitalists’.
Faith, love of country, and an abiding love of God and his principles are which made America and its Government coveted around the World for more than 200 years; those ingredients, to a greater degree than any other time in the history of America, is what are missing today. They need a restoration, even a resurrection of them in some cases, planted deep into the hearts and minds of all Americans.
I have asked the question in my own mind as of late’ where are our leaders who possess selfless character, the moral integrity and education that possessed our founders; where are the American people who of like manner that will indulge the influence of a refined education, faith in God and Morality, where is the thoughtful reason and character that will make America great once more?
My humble opinion, in sum says a return to religious principle is the key to our success in these regards. We know there are good people available, it may take some serious house cleaning, but it can be done. James Madison once wrote: “The happy union of these states is a wonder; their Constitution is a miracle’ the example the hope of liberty throughout the world. Woe to the ambition that would meditate the destruction of either!’ (1829 while serving at the Virginia Constitutional Convention, underlining added) America is to be the example to the World we live in, not to become like the rest of the World our Founders fought to escape.
There can be no compromise or capitulation in any degree with regards to our Constitution or its Godly principles. To part from it will spin America irretrievably back to the monarchies and dictatorships seen around the world. Evil must be defeated in America where ever it exists. There are no other options.

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