Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Laws Won’t Stop the Needless Deaths

More Laws Won’t Stop the Needless Deaths
Al Ritter 

One has to use logic to access the recent violence that ended in death at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Yes guns were the vehicle that caused the death of those innocent lives. The 2 questions that beg for logical answers are, “were the guns the sole reason of the deaths?” and, “Do we have enough laws on the books already?” 

Of course they weren’t, guns are inanimate objects, they don’t hold anger, they don’t hold grudges, they don’t care who their operators are. The operator holds the answers and ingredients for the ability to create destruction. The second answer is….of course we have enough laws, the recent shooter violated over 40! 

With all this being said, America seems to be besieged by these social freaks of nature lately, and one has to ask why. We always have had, and will continue to have mentally deficient people in our society, but maybe the treatment of those people should begin to change. We have become a godless society that desensitizes its youth to violence. Through movies and video games, or everyday news shows, we have allowed extreme violence to become part of their everyday life. 

Children who possess the character flaws that manifest themselves as anger, find solace in such games that act out the very their wildest fantasies of death and destruction. They have a hard time separating reality and fiction. The directors of such mayhem constantly strive to sell more movies, sell more video games, or sell a larger TV share through increased violence. 

Our Liberal society wants to hold legal gun holders accountable for the actions of a tiny part of our dysfunctional society. Cars aren’t being taken away from every legal driver in good standing because of the actions of a few drunk drivers, even though those accidents account for more deaths on a daily basis than guns do.  

The words Sunday night by our President, “We can’t tolerate this anymore”, are so thinly veiled, that no American can deny that his intentions are aimed at making American citizens defenseless against the government. His exact path to “the means to an end” hasn’t been shown yet, but the writing is on the wall. 

He can disarm America one of two ways, he can sign on to the UN treaty and then later use them as a “patsy” to place blame at a later time, or he can try to repeal the second amendment through legislative means. Both paths will require him to obtain a 2/3 majority vote. It is my personal feeling that given his past history of setting up sacrificial lambs to take the fall in his place, Obama will try the UN treaty method. He will view this as the path of least resistance. 

But herein the problem lies…….using such a ploy; he will remove America’s Sovereignty and give control to the UN to operate freely in our country to conduct unwarranted searches. 

It seems to me that ratification of the UN Small Arms Treaty opens more of a bag of worms than a repeal of the Second Amendment. The really scary part is that a Treaty Ratification will open our country by precedence to the dreaded New World Order that conspiracy theorists hold so dear to their hearts. 

Either way Obama choses to do this it most certainly will “fundamentally transform America.” Not in a good way, but in a way that America can never return from. “An armed militia” has ALWAYS meant THE PEOPLE and not the military. The second amendment was written to protect the people from the government. If we give up this right “peacefully” there will be no turning back, there will be no future for the people of America…………the “transformation” will be complete…….destroyed by the worst president in America’s history.




barb p said...

I feel we are in big trouble with the chance to defend our loved one's, our homes,
ourselves, etc.! Obama is really destroying our citizen's rights!!

Kevin Bryant said...

Wishful thinking I know but it would be nice if just once the liberal media would be honest about how many lives are saved each day because someone was carrying or just owned a gun. It would be nice of they would show just how much violent crime has cone up in industrialized countries where private ownership of guns have been banned. The left does not want to hear the truth because it does not support their argument for more control. Little does the left know (media knows this but will not broadcast) that thanks private ownership of weapons, no country has ever dared to invade the U.S.

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Ron Boat said...

So true :(