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Old Lies – New Lies

Old Lies – New Lies
Kevin Bryant

"It is a matter of record that in the German Election of 1933, the Communist Party was ordered by its leaders to vote for the Nazis -- with the explanation that they could later fight the Nazis for power, but first they had to help destroy their common enemy: capitalism and its parliamentary form of government." --author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982) (Copied from The Patriot Post) 

There was a book written in the 1970’s titled “New Lies Of Old”. This book was written by the former #3 guy in the KGB. The book is officially considered a work of fiction because it was a forecasted blue print of a plan to be executed by the KGB and the old Soviet Empire. The book describes how the Soviet Union would tear itself apart and put itself back together to be even stronger than before and how they were going to influence and use the United States to accomplish their goals. To date, many who actually continue to study the old Soviet Union and Russia claim just over 70% of this book has come true, it has just taken a longer time to accomplish their goals than what was predicted.  

In the past 100+ years, there has not been a single nation that has experienced a revolution, a revolt or a major political shift where the middle class has outnumbered the lower class of a capitalistic type country.  

Communism and Fascism are still alive here in America. If you look between the years 1945 - 1960, these two factions had small but steady growth in membership and influencing ideology here in the United States. Both basically came out of the woodwork so to speak in the middle and later 60’s and early 70’s. It was also around that time their influence in America really took hold and it started showing up on college campuses, in worker’s unions, in the “peace” protests and even in the fringes of our federal government. If you closely study the statements made by those self-proclaimed communist of that era, you can hear the same statements today being made by the “progressives” of the Democratic Party.  

I actually give credit to Bernie Sanders, former Representative and now Senator of Vermont. He proudly boasts that he is a member of the Liberty Union Party, an offshoot of the Communist Party of America. Yet those others who call themselves “progressives” within the Democrat Party reject the notion they are anything like the communist and fascist parties of the 60’s and 70’s yet they talk the same talk and with witnessed in their voting records, they walk the same walk. Those include but are not limited to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Clyburn, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Claire McCaskill, Mark Pryor, Barbara Boxer, Maria Cantwell, Al Franken, Tom Harkin, Jesse Jackson Jr, Sheila Jackson Lee, John Kerry ……… That is only some “progressives” that claim to be patriotic to America and believe in the vision of our Founding Fathers but vote to tear that vision apart. 

Democrats aren’t the only ones who embellish some fascist and communistic ideas. We always have the ever present RINO’s John McCain, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Olympia Snowe, Lisa Murkowski, Mitch McConnell and others who believe in big government, at least according to the way they vote, yet wrap themselves up in the flag so to speak to impress everyone who believes in liberty and freedoms.  

The Republicans listed above look, speak and vote like the 60’s and 70’s democrats. The democrats listed above sound and vote like they were listening to early speeches of Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin when they would whip up and captivate their audience with visions of grandeur for the country and the people, all the while wanting nothing more than centralized control of everything and everyone.   

Today it is easy to buy a vote in congress. The old rule, he who has the most gold makes the rules is hard at work in congress and the white house today. BILLIONS of dollars back the lobbyist in congress, the union leaders who frequent the white house and they all contribute heavily to those politicians who vote their way. There are at least 5 lobbyist businesses right now doing work in the capital building which are backed and financed by George Soros, the King of Capitalist Manipulation. The Union Leaders, The Heads of the Communist and Fascist Parties demand their members to support and vote for these bought and paid for politicians.  

The democrats want America not to just fall off the fiscal cliff they want America to crash and burn when it hits the ground. Is this the “emergency” for which Obama wrote all those Executive Orders dictating when Marshall Law can be declared and what agency of the federal government gains control of what in America? Is this the Fundamental Transformation of America Obama promised in 2008?  

It has been a little over 20 years now since I read “New Lies Of Old”. Like I said, it was written by the former #3 man of the KGB who defected to the United States. The former head of the KGB again sits in the presidential chair in Russia and we have a president who declared in his own book his friends and those who influenced him and he admired growing up were socialist and communist. It has been all but confirmed known communist and underground weather terrorist Bill Ayers was more than just a neighbor to the Obama’s. Perhaps I should read it again and possibly see what happens next.

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This is at the heart of America’s problems today.