Friday, February 15, 2013

Dear Patriots:

Dear Patriots:
William G Burmer 

What about America, Faith, Courage, and Integrity?

For many Americans our land is more than a place where any people can prosper and enjoy freedoms not available in any other part of our world;   to many it is a place consecrated by God, a choice land above all other lands, ordained to be free from bondage, captivity, and from all other nations in the World.
I am one of those persons who feel this way.  Matter of fact I am bold enough to say I know it to be true. Many good people of all faiths are grateful to their Creator for America and its Constitution. 
As we are all aware the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, in particular the 1st and 2nd amendments have been under attack by the Obama administration for years.  It is no secret that Obama and many in the congress , and particularly the Senate currently relish the idea of obliterating any of these defenses to our liberty and freedoms if they could;  thankfully they have be unsuccessful, largely due to our diligence as Citizens,  making our voices heard.
Still there are far too many citizens, and non citizens at large who espouse the concepts of a Collectivist Society, a theorized Socialist Utopia such as described scripturally as secret societies where certain men and women alike "seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord, and their works are in the dark." See Isa.29, 15-16.
You can call it liberalism, Socialism, Collectivism, and even progressivism a new euphemism currently used by Barrack Obama and others.   The Prophet Isaiah is referring to those infamous founders of Communism and those who follow in their traditions of deceit and tyranny.  Call it what you will their Ideals and traditions are the antithesis of the principles of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and, Christian principles. These people are Godless, they seek to destroy, or overthrow our capitalist traditions and free enterprise system in trade for a communal dictatorship, and the elimination of private property, along with a classless, stateless society. 
Today we are in a battle for the hearts and souls of man. It is a battle between two opposing systems: Freedom and Slavery, Christ and Anti-Christ.  We must not allow these soulless counterfeits to destroy what our founders and God left to us visa vie our National Sovereignty in a Constitutional Republic.  To support Communism in any form presented is treasonable, and no patriotic conscionable American citizen may become either a communist or a supporter of such an organization. 
Yet we are at risk, even vulnerable to this powerful enemy and it is attributable to our loss of active faith in the God of this land.  Too many Americans have lost sight of the truth that God is our source of Freedom, and that He is our Lawgiver.   Personal righteousness and integrity is the most important essential to preserving our freedom. We as a people must return to the fundamental principles of Christianity and of Constitutional Government. Know this, once freedom is lost only blood will win it back. 
We must awaken ourselves to our awful condition, resist Communism in all its forms,, call it out for what it is,  seek for those who are good, wise and honest to lead our country, those who love our land and its Constitutional  principles. Once elected We The people must uphold them.
Perhaps most importantly we must study the inspired Constitution and become involved in the political process ourselves within our communities, county, state and federal levels.   Whatever role we play might we be like Sir Thomas More, in the play ("A man for all Seasons" by Robert Bolt) who lost all that he had but carried with him his personal integrity to the grave. America deserves no less a commitment.  


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